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Co-Hosts can be so more than an extra set of hands—they can also be a primary Host for the listing. They can help a listing owner with all aspects of hosting, including caring for the space and the guests.

Co-Hosts can help

  • Create a listing: Co-Hosts can manage the listing—write titles and descriptions, take and upload photos, and determine pricing.
  • Update calendar and pricing: Keep a listing’s availability up-to-date and manage the listing’s price settings, including seasonal pricing and weekly discounts
  • Manage reservations: Accept or decline trip requests
  • Message with guests: Get to know guests, answer questions, and coordinate arrival and departure on behalf of the listing owner
  • Get the space guest-ready: Help make sure the home is set up to welcome guests, including outfitting it with all the amenities.
  • Welcome guests in person: Greet guests, give them a tour of the space, and answer questions about the location
  • Help guests during their stay: If guests have an issue during their stay, Co-Hosts can communicate with them and fix the problem. For example, a guest is locked out or the Internet is down.
  • Write reviews: Co-Hosts can use their own Airbnb account to write guest reviews on behalf of the listing owner
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Work with a professional cleaning service, clean the space yourself, or both. For instance, a Co-Host may wash towels and sheets, while a cleaning service takes care of the kitchen and bathrooms. You can also handle general home maintenance and repairs.
  • Get support from Airbnb: Need help with a reservation or guest issue? Co-Hosts can handle the communication and find a resolution. 
  • Resolution Center requests: 
    • Co-Hosts can send or request money from guests for things related to an Airbnb trip through the Airbnb Resolution Center
    • Co-Hosts cannot open or respond to damage or insurance related claims on Resolution Center. Claim can only be opened by Primary Host or Host owner.
  • Review transactions: In Transaction History, Co-Hosts can review payout transactions for listings to which they have been added (without being able to view the payout method information). For example, Co-Hosts can check the payout status and see when cancellations or alterations have been reflected.

    Just be aware, Co-Hosts are not permitted to access the listing owner’s payout or taxpayer information. And they can’t review the listing owner’s activity traveling on Airbnb as a guest.

    If you decide you don't want your Co-Host to have access to the above tasks, you can just remove them as a Co-Host

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