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    • We're sharing updated standards for guests and discussing quality hosting to help make sure everyone upholds our community expectations

    • We’re also introducing updated COVID-19 safety practices, which hosts and guests will need to commit to follow starting October 12

    Hi everyone,

    I’m Catherine, Airbnb’s Global Head of Hosting, and I’m back with my fifth Host Update.

    Since we launched these updates in August, we’ve remained focused on re-establishing a closer relationship between our employees and hosts. If you missed my previous videos, you can check them out here.

    I want to thank those of you who’ve taken the time to share your thoughts and questions with me in our workshops and in comments and emails. Your insightful messages are guiding us to take action and make changes.

    In today’s Host Update, I’m discussing guest and host standards, as well as some additional safety requirements we’re rolling out for everyone on Airbnb due to COVID-19.

    Updated standards for guests

    I’ve heard from many of you that you’re concerned with certain guest behaviors in your spaces. While we believe this applies to a small percentage of guests, we also believe that all guests must treat you, your spaces, and your surrounding communities with respect.

    To help make sure that happens, we’re expanding our guest reliability standards to include new criteria in five areas. These standards came directly from your suggestions, and they include addressing:

    • Unauthorized late checkouts
    • Disregard of check-in time periods
    • Unauthorized pets (excluding any assistance animals)
    • Interference or removal of approved security devices
    • Lack of respect for your house rules that reflect Airbnb’s policies

    This builds upon the work that we did last year, when we announced our guest reliability standards. Earlier this year, we also announced our global ban on parties. And since the end of last year, roughly 100,000 guest accounts that violated our policies and standards have been suspended or removed.

    Between now and the end of the year, we’re going to invest in improvements to our systems and processes. This will help us make progress toward ensuring consistent enforcement, quicker response times, and more overall accountability with guests.

    Quality hosting

    From the many hosts I’ve met recently in host workshops and on the Community Center, I’ve found that great hosting is about three things—quality, connection, and community—and all of these sit on a foundation of trust.

    When travelers have bad experiences with Airbnb hosts, they’re far less likely to book on Airbnb again. This can also affect hosts’ reputations in their communities—and can even lead to more stringent local regulations.

    We’ve noticed recently that a group of listings didn’t live up to our expectations for quality. So just as we are removing guests to help protect the Airbnb community, we’ve decided to suspend or remove listings that have a consistent pattern of serious issues or that regularly received low review ratings and failed to meet guest expectations.

    There are many factors that go into quality, but we do have signals that tell us what good hosting looks like, such as:

    • The accuracy of your listing description and photos
    • Your dependability as a host
    • Your responsiveness
    • Your star ratings
    • The way you uphold our community standards

    In most cases, hosts with affected listings have already been notified. We’ve also built an appeals process to help address any concerns.

    Updated requirements related to COVID-19

    Nearly 1.5 million listings have enrolled in Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocol since June. These listings are the most popular on Airbnb and have had more than three times the number of reservations in comparison to those that haven’t enrolled.*

    I’ve heard from hosts who have asked us to streamline and clarify the process. So we’re providing new resources and tools to make it more simple to learn and implement our five-step framework.

    These steps include:

    1. Preparing and ventilating the space
    2. Cleaning every room
    3. Sanitizing surfaces
    4. Checking each room
    5. Resetting the space for guests

    As the science evolves, we’re also adapting our response in our collective effort to help ensure the safety of our community during COVID-19. Starting October 12:

    • Hosts who offer accommodations** have until November 20 to commit to the five-step process of the cleaning protocol
    • All guests and hosts are required to wear masks and practice social distancing when interacting with each other

    Beginning next week, hosts who offer accommodations will find a prompt in their app or dashboard that will include the five-step enhanced cleaning process and a page where you can attest to the COVID-19 safety requirements. By not attesting to the requirements by November 20, your account may be subject to warnings, suspensions, and, in some cases, removal from Airbnb.

    Note: If you’ve already attested to the enhanced cleaning protocol, you’ll just need to follow a quick prompt to agree to wear a mask and practice social distancing. New hosts will also need to commit to following these safety practices.

    If you host an Airbnb Experience in a country or region where in-person experiences have resumed, we’ve created a set of cleaning guidelines and health and safety recommendations and requirements specifically for you.

    More cleaning resources

    To help you better understand these requirements, we’ve expanded our cleaning articles on the Resource Center with:

    Thank you for all of the feedback you’ve shared with us. I’ll be back in a few weeks with some exciting new features and policies to announce in another Host Update.

    In the meantime, you can always tag me directly on the Community Center: @Catherine-Powell. We value your feedback, and we’re putting it at the forefront of everything we do.

    *Based on internal Airbnb data between June 18 and September 30, 2020

    **Excluding hosts who offer accommodations in mainland China

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


    • We're sharing updated standards for guests and discussing quality hosting to help make sure everyone upholds our community expectations

    • We’re also introducing updated COVID-19 safety practices, which hosts and guests will need to commit to follow starting October 12

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