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Zante: atostogų būstai

Zante: atostogų būstai

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Ģimenes māja pie ezera +sauna & kubls
Visas namas · 4 svečiai · 4 lovos · 1 vonia

Ģimenes māja pie ezera +sauna & kubls1,5 stāvu ekoloģiska, tēstu guļbaļķu ēka 75 m2 ar daļēji segtu terasi 40 m2, pirti un 5,4 ha neskartu teritoriju Ciemenes ezera krastā.

Pēļi&Dēļi, an almost perfect holiday place for two
Visas kotedžas · 2 svečiai · 2 lovos · 1 vonia

Pēļi&Dēļi, an almost perfect holiday place for twoWelcome to Pēļi&Dēļi, an almost perfect holiday place for two - a getaway from work or city buzz, not too far from Riga, but not too close either. Stylish two floor loghouse close to nature is welcoming guests to spend time in warm, cozy and bright private space. Located on top of the hill, with great panorama during any time of the year, it has pre-requisites to recharge. Built-in banya by craftsmen from Latgale and a big pound nearby is designated for warmer relaxation.

Dragon house in the tree! Jakuzzi, Sauna, Apkure!
Namelis medyje · 4 svečiai · 3 lovos · 1,5 vonios

Dragon house in the tree! Jakuzzi, Sauna, Apkure!Jūs varēsiet izbaudīt dabu,sastapt meža putnus un dzīvniekus. Jūs dzīvosiet mājā,otrajā stāvā ar skaistu skatu uz mežu un ezeru.  Ezerā ir daudz zivju,un jūs varēsiet makšķerēt - karpas, citas zivis. Вы сможете наслаждаться природой, увидеть лесных птиц и животных. Вы будете жить в домике на втором этаже с прекрасным видом на лес и озеро. You will be able to enjoy nature, to see forest birds and animals. You will live in a house on the second floor with a beautiful view of the forest and lake.

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Zante: kiti puikūs būstai atostogoms čia

  1. Visi atskiri svečių apartamentai
  2. Tume
Cherry Garden Residence

Enjoy the unique and peaceful stay in our family owned country house. The country house was built in the late 19th century as a family country house and has a 75- hectare estate surrounding it. A large apple, pear and cherry gardens embrace the country house and offer world of peacefulness and beauty. Cherry garden residence is a quiet place for relaxing holidays in the middle of nature for families with kids, couples, small groups of friends and singles alike.

$87 už naktį
  1. Visas butas
  2. Saldus
Big bee residence

Viesiem tiek piedāvāts pilnībā pārbūvēts dzīvokļa īpašums senā koka būvē, tādējādi ļaujot izbaudīt senatnīgas pilsētas apbūves apvienojumu ar mūsdienīgu sadzīves konfortu un ērtībām. Rezidence izvietota tuvu pilsētas centram, vairākām pilsētas apskates un atpūtas vietām.

$42 už naktį
  1. Viešnagė sodyboje
  2. Valgale
Ozo land in Kurzeme

I think You are looking for a get-away from the city, or just need a break from your daily routine, enjoy the silence and calmness that this place provides. Its surrounded by beautiful trees and a little river. You can enjoy a creative weekend with painting or reading a long waited book with no interruption. Or to have a rejuvenating sauna and enjoy a hot tub outside. (Sauna is included in the price, if you would like to use the hot tub, please send me a message ) Or just relax with Netflix.

$87 už naktį
  1. Privatus kambarys
  2. Lutriņi
Authentic and unique country house

It is my grandparents house, that I remodeled with love and passion for uniqueness and history. Many things in the house have been found in our shed, like our big dining table is made from old doors, book shelfs from old wood. Location is perfect if you want to visit one of the most beautiful small towns Kuldiga, it is only 30 minutes away. It is half way to Liepaja and half way to Venspils from Riga. Saldus is also small cute town only 15 minutes away. Just come and relax in a real country feel

$78 už naktį
Dar nėra atsiliepimų
  1. Privatus kambarys
  2. Zante

Wir sind eine Lettisch Deutsche Familie mit drei KInder.Wir bieten ein gemütliches Kräuterhäuschen ohne Strom (Strom ist draussen verfügbar) mit Heumatratzenbett(200x240) und voll mit Aroma von Kräuter und Arzneipflanzen.Sonnige Lage.Ruhige Atmosphere.Ist möglich ein schönen Abend mit frischen und knusprigen Pizza aus Lehmbackofen zu gestalten.Nach Absprache Fussmassage und feuerbeheiztes Kräuterbad möglich.Unser Ortsplatz ist klein und ruhig.Kurlands Kessel Museum auf Wunsch.

$22 už naktį
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  2. Tumes pagasts
Apple Garden Residence

Enjoy a unique and peaceful stay in our family country house. Built in the late 19th century the house is embraced by large apple, pear and cherry gardens, a pond and forrest on its 75 hectare estate. The residence is a completely private apartment suite with its own entrance and amenities. It offers relaxing holidays for families with kids, couples, small groups of friends and singles alike. The house also features a separate apartment:

$69 už naktį
  1. Privatus kambarys
  2. LV
Tiny house Ružēni

The inside is beautifully decorated in light colours.There is a large window which looks out on beautiful scenery. The kitchen window looks out onto the main house and has many apple trees and lovely array off flowers. Towel and bedding are provided and toiletries.

$42 už naktį
  1. Visas loftas
  2. Brocēni

- This is a brand new (100 sq.m.) Loft-style apartment on two floors, designed just for you; - Large TV (65-inch) for watching movies and sports games with friends / family - Comfortable kitchen with the most important use for cooking delicious food; - Hotel worthy bathroom - Suitable for children of different ages; - Lake Ciecere, hiking and air trails nearby; - Stay, relax and enjoy the beautiful apartment.

$83 už naktį
  1. Visa trobelė
  2. Remte parish
''Smuku Manor''

На территории поместья ''Smuku Muiža'', вдали от города, среди лесной тиши расположены срубы "Skroderi", ''Melderi'' и ''Kalēji''. Домики оснащены всем необходимым для семейного отдыха. С застеклённой террасы открывается восхитительный вид на пруды и природу поместья. Для гостей каждого домика предлагаем гриль с шампурами, дрова и место для костра.

$84 už naktį
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  2. Matkule Parish
Holiday home Atmatas

Holiday home is located by the pine tree forest, very beautiful, silent and clean place. Guest house offers big sauna and nice pond next to the house. Warm and cosy living space on the first floor. Three big bedrooms on the second floor with comfortable beds, and total capacity of 10 people. Indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Holiday home offers outdoor sport activities such as basketball, volleyball, soccer. Swings, trampoline and sandbox for children.Sauna for a fee.

$74 už naktį
  1. Visas butas
  2. Tukums
Sky Apartments Tukums

Considering that the apartment is on the 4th floor of the building, we wanted to call it "Sky apartments" because nowhere else in the city will it be possible to get such a fantastic view from the balcony - peace, forest and fresh air. Although located on the outskirts of Tukums, the city center is a leisurely 15-20 minute walk away, with bowling alley, ice rink facilities, museums, shops, cafes and other entertainment options.

$51 už naktį
Dar nėra atsiliepimų
  1. Privatus kambarys
  2. Tukums
Nakšņošana siena zārdā 1

Zudusī vērtība atgriežas - NAKŠŅOŠANA SIENA ZĀRDĀ jūras tuvumā romantikas un klusuma baudītājiem. Respektējot apkārtējos, lai saglabātu mierīgu noskaņu, ballītēm šoreiz NĒ! Atrodamies tikai 17km attālumā no jūras; 2km attālumā no Tukuma pilsētas centra; 200m attālumā no Pavārkalna, kurā var baudīt panorāmas skatu. Get to know the historical way of sleeping in the summers in an open nature- in a haystack tent! In this romantic and quiet environment you can also rent a tent space.

$24 už naktį

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