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Kato Paphos Studio 1
Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas · 2 svečiai · 1 lova · 1 vonia

Kato Paphos Studio 1Studija buvo visiškai atnaujinta 2018 m. birželio mėn. Jis turi visus naujausius patogumus, yra jaukus, didelis, patogus ir turi gražų stilių. Visiškai naujas vonios kambarys ir tualetas. Virtuvėje yra viskas, ko reikia, pvz., viryklės, maža orkaitė, būtiniausi maisto ruošimo reikmenys. Jis labai arti daugelio viešbučių Kato Pafose ir daugelio archeologinių muziejų. Privati automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė yra prie pat įėjimo durų. Didžiulis prekybos centras yra priešais apartamentus.3 minutės pėsčiomis iki jūros ir 8 minutės pėsčiomis iki senojo uosto ir senosios pilies!

Erdvus, taikus butas su privačiu baseinu
Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas · 4 svečiai · 2 lovos · 1 vonia

Erdvus, taikus butas su privačiu baseinuButas įsikūręs gražiame kaime, apsuptas apelsinų giraičių ir alyvmedžių, maždaug pusiaukelėje tarp Paphos ir Polis. Nors būstas patogiai įsikūręs netoli B7, jis yra tylus ir nuošalus. Su atskiru įėjimu viename dideliame kambaryje (26 kv. m) yra karališko dydžio lova, sofa (konvertuojama į dvigulę sofą-lovą) ir daug vietos stalčiuje. Dideliame, prabangiame, liukso klasės vonios kambaryje yra vonia su dušu virš galvos ir atskiras įeinantis dušas.

Vaizdas į Vilos slėnį su begaliniu baseinu
Visas būstas: vila · 6 svečiai · 4 lovos · 3 vonios

Vaizdas į Vilos slėnį su begaliniu baseinuValley View prabangi vila yra idealus namas 6 svečiams ir susideda iš gerai įrengto dviejų aukštų pastato apsupto vešlių sodų ir didelio begalybės baseino su baseino gultais ir skėčiais. Vila pasižymi privilegijuota vieta stačiame šlaite, iš kurios atsiveria puikus vaizdas į marias ir jūrą. Viduje vila pasižymi sėkmingu tradicinių elementų ir patogių baldų deriniu. Dideli langai leidžia aplinkinėms grožio užtvindyti vidaus erdves.

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  1. Visas būstas: kondominiumas (butas)
  2. Larnaka
Prabangus Penthouse Suite-1 BR, Central, Seafront
$123 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Nicosia
Stylish 70's apartment - Best of Nicosia on foot!
$62 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: butas su patarnavimu
  2. Peyia
Panoraminės šventės - Deluxe .2.
$76 už naktį
  1. Mikronamas
  2. Ayia Napa
GRECO SODAI -Olive Tree Pod
$57 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: gyvenamasis namas
  2. Limassol
Tradicinis medinis namas gamtoje
$63 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Ayia Napa
32 Mezzarine. Puikiai įsikūręs modernus butas.
$42 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Larnaca
Prabangūs apartamentai su baseinu B1
$85 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Kato
Studijos tipo butas Pasitikėk manimi
$35 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Limassol
$59 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. CY
Kitonas Junior Apartment 401
$45 už naktį
  1. Privatus kambarys
  2. Konia
Panoramos meno studija
$39 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Larnaka
Gyvenamoji gera studija
$31 už naktį

Kipras: ką smagiausia nuveikti atvykus

Patvirtintos kokybės unikali vietinių ekspertų organizuojama veikla

  • Spectacular Day in Cyprus
    Are You in Cyprus???!!! Let's visit the most beautiful part of Cyprus. We can have Gorgeous Day in Cape Greko, which is in the eastern side of Cyprus. The Capo Greko is National park, that offers a lot of opportunities for those who likes traveling. In a four hours trip, we can see sea caves, natural bridges, churches, and spectacular landscapes. Other things to note After your booking i will contact you to speak about meeting point. Pick up service from Hotels, hostels and apartments within your area is also available. Please note that Pick up service is also available from other cities. You can also choose time of your trip by contacting in advance! See You
    Nuo Kaina:$70 asmeniui
  • Wine Tasting Demystified - Taste Wine with a Pro Sommelier
    Everybody has the ability to Taste. Not many know how to use it. Would you like to know how it's done? I will introduce you to the world of wine tasting using a simplified step by step guide . Please bring in your wine of choice. You may bring as many as you like. As a general rule the more the better but I’d recommend a red and a white if you are joining for the first time. If in doubt send me a note and I will try and help you choose. It would be nice to 'flash' taste the wines at the beginning before anything else. This practise will give you a basic understanding of the wines. Then you can move back and forth and taste them against the diverse delicacies dishes you bring along. You will receive my Tasting Form to use during the session. If you send me pictures of the wines you will bring for your event I will include custom Tasting Sheets with a brief description attached for you to take notes and remarks. During the event I will be sharing on my screen personal media files of the wineries and landscapes of Cyprus so please make sure you have a good internet connection. *If you are looking for a team building activity or a private wine class, I have different formats that can be customised to suit your event - Just Ask!!
    Nuo Kaina:$19 asmeniui
  • Sailing with Magic
    Attention! If you are not physically fit or have disabilities, PLEASE do not book this experience for your own safety! One of the benefits of being docked in Zygi is that it is between Larnaca and Limassol (Limassol being the closest). You can get a bus from Larnaca as well as from Limassol to drive you to Zygi. We shall cast off from the port of Zygi and head towards Governors beach, checking out the shore as we go. We shall open up the sails, kill the engine and let the power of the wind carry us. Right after the Zygi port we shall pass the docking station of Vassiliko where large freight ships are docked for loading and unloading cargo. Passing Vassiliko the fish farms will be our next checkpoint, where usually sea turtles and dolfins show up. Right next to the farms our final destination will be Governors beach, where we shall drop anchor and relax before heading back. Sailboats are not Power boats, although they go majestically, they are slower, so although this may sound like a small trip in reality it will be more that enough. Other things to note Please note that sailing may not always be possible if the weather is bad or if i think that it might turn bad. The available dates i have in the calendar are based on latest weather forecast and i try to watch it as often as possible. Safety as well as a pleasant experience are my main goals.
    Nuo Kaina:$53 asmeniui
  • Inside the Buffer Zone of Nicosia
    This is not a regular city walk, but a passage through a town frozen in time. It will give you an insight into the current situation of the Buffer Zone “Green Line” off the beaten track, on streets that are hard to discover without the experience of a local guide. You will see the Venetian walls and how they form a boarder around the Old City, so unusual that once seen on a map will never be forgotten as a design synonymous with the unique shape of this ancient fortification. On our walk we will explore the Southern side of the city and follow the infamous “Green line” that cuts through the centre, separating the city into southern and northern sections. This division has kept the two major communities, of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots apart for more than four decades. Our journey begins at the Ledra Palace Hotel known in its era as the largest and most majestic hotels of the capital. You will witness life having evolved along either side of this schism, something once impossible to do until recent agreements between the two sides to open border crossings. We will explore Ledra Street located at heart of the aforementioned walled city now once again rekindled to one of the most popular pedestrian commercial streets accented by abandoned buildings reclaimed by nature through decades of lost time scarred by bullet holes, military outposts and barricades. Other things to note Kindly note that our walk could last between 3.5-4 hours with our break, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes! Group Tours are also offered with a slightly varied itinerary, tailored to your needs. Please ask for details and all arrangements can be made.
    Nuo Kaina:$66 asmeniui
  • Wine Tasting of 10 + 1 CYPRUS Wines.
    Next to our very well established wine shop The Oak Tree Wine Cellar, we have set up a Tasting Room where all our wine tasting sessions are taking place. Wine tastings are made using: the proper wine glasses, served in the proper serving temperature using our unique Wine dispenser Systems, thus making sure that all wines served are fresh and crispy. Upon the arrival of our various visitors to our wine cellar, they can take a seat in one of our two tasting tables that can seat up to 16 people and then the wine tasting can start. During each wine tasting I will offer 11 top quality Cyprus wines: 4 white dry, 1 rose dry, 4 red dry, 1 commandaria sweet wine, 1 Cyprus liquor or spirit. For every wine served, I will be doing a very thorough explaining in terms of their grape variety, the winery and the region the wines are coming from, best food matching and some general information about the Cyprus wines. Special emphasis will be given on our unique indigenous grape varieties. During the tasting, visitors will have their own bottle of fresh water and some tasty bread sticks. All the wines tasted, are available for sale in our wine shop. We also arrange shipments of wines overseas Other things to note Only adults are allowed to book for this experience, 21 years old and above. we can accept up to 10 people per booking.
    Nuo Kaina:$22 asmeniui