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Talk about an authentic simple way of living. Well, this just might be the place you've been looking for. If you're all about experiencing nature's way, from simplicity to crawling insects - then here it is. Trading in your world of troubles for a whole lot less is not such a bad idea after all. I mean, a complete 'stress FREE' zone where you leave all your worries and problems behind. Just pack your bags and come have an experience you'll NOT forget. All you need is an open mind.

Cozy open concept 1 room studio, ideal for a bachelor or bachelorette. Comes equipped with everything you need like 1 single Twin size bed, TV, Stove, Microwave, toaster oven, electric kettle, pots, pans, refrigerator, and the like. Please note that the bathroom is detach/separated from building. It is is a full bath with hot water heated shower-head and NOT shared with other guests.

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The entire unit, porch, yard, bathroom and the washer behind the house in the upstairs apartment. Feel free to pick some Julie mangoes off the tree (there're delicious) and some plums when ther're in season.

Kiti svarbūs dalykai
>>>To keep this apartment at such an incredible price, this unit does NOT come equipped with an AC. Fans ONLY!!***. With the windows open, the apartment is quite breezy. So please remember to turn off the fan(s) when NOT in use.

>>>This unit is only for people that loves nature. If you are NOT used to harmless crawling insects, (ie lizards and Con-go-ries) Please please pleaseeeee DO NOT BOOK THIS UNIT, since you will be running into these little creatures throughout your stay. You simply take a broom and drive them away when you rather not have their company. Please do not kill/harm them.

>>> Meals are NOT provided. At times, we may provide Tea and/or coffee as complimentary on the 1st day of check-in.
* Use of Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer, Hair Dryer are additional fees.

>>>Essentials such as shampoo, soap, lotion and the like, are provided as complimentary, mainly to overnight guest with maximum stay of 2 days. All guest with longer stay needs to provide their own, keeping in mind that this is a private residence, NOT a hotel.

>>> Only the initial towel(s), toiletries and essentials that are provided at time of check-in, are the ones you'll be getting. This is NO replacements or refills throughout your stay. It is very important that you disclose the correct numbers of guest, so we can put out the correct number of towels. Guests are responsible for washing their linens, or can pay a minimal fee to have laundry service upon request.

>>>Indoor and outdoor items are also available for an additional FEE, i.e. washer, dryer, hammocks, mosquito nets, party lights, various games, ice bucket, beach towel & gears, etc. Ask us and most likely he have it. Please inquires if you would like any of these amenities.

>>>Absolutely NO SMOKING inside the apartment, or in any area of the house that is accessible from the inside of the apartment.

>>>There is NO cleaning service performed during your stay. The cleaning fee that is included in your booking, is applied to the cleaning service performed AFTER you check-out in preparation for the next guest. If you need additional cleaning throughout your stay, it can be made available to you upon request, for a minimal fee.

>>>Please dispose of all garbage daily by placing it in the dumpster by the front house gate by the street. The day you check-out, there should be NO garbage left behind.

>>>Please remove ALL your personal belonging from the unit upon check-out. ***GND Rentals will NOT be held liable for any personal belongings left in the apartment.

>>>Before you check out, please remember leave the personal “Safe” in the OPEN position with the ‘lock pins’ sticking out.

*The use of hair dryer - add $3 US per use.
*Guest can use (shared) outdoor Park Style Charcoal Grill as many times during their stay for a one time access charge $15US. Grill must be kept in the condition you met it. Cleaned and covered to protect it from the elements of the environment. Failure to keep it in "as is" condition may incur a cleaning FEE of at least $12us.

*The use of the washing machine - add $8 US per wash/load/use. Note: If the washer is broken or damage due to what we deem misuse and/or negligence, all repair/replacement cost will be billed to you.
These payment will be made through the ‘send or request money’ feature in your Airbnb account. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OF THE ITEMS if you intend NOT to pay, because you will be billed for any use/usage fees associated to each item.

>>>There is NO cable. We do have a Smart TV that you can use to access your very own online accounts like: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon Prime, etc.

>>>The property is secured by a surveillance system that monitors only the outside the property. There is NO camera inside the unit. Please do NOT tamper, disable or unplug the system. In the unlikely event that something occurs we would need to view any/all footage.

>>>ONLY 1 vehicle allowed to park on premise per booking. Guest visitors or NOT allowed to park on premise, since this is an active driveway as seen in the photos, NOT a parking lot. There should NEVER be more that 2 vehicles in ANY given time. If you choose to park in the driveway you agree that:
*You will to be proactive in communicating with the other guest in making necessary moving arrangement (as to who leave first, etc), so as to not create parking conflict like blocking each other in etc. Please DO NOT contact us with these matters.
*Vehicles should never be left unattended. You are responsible for securing you vehicle.
*There is absolutely no parking on the lawn or flower garden please.
*GND Rental will NOT be held liable for ANY/ALL damage(s) whatsoever done to your vehicle while located anywhere on our premise. Whether act of nature, vandalizing, theft or anything else cause by something or someone. ***PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK.

*Failure to disclose that a pet will be accompanying you on your visit, will result in immediate eviction. GND Rentals will not be held liable for any cancellation and associated fees that arise and there will be NO refund.
Guest with pet must first make the written request to, and be approved by management in writing that is OK to bring a pet, since ONLY 1 pet allowed per guest, and ONLY 1 pet is allowed on premise at any given time. If approved, guest must then pay a refundable pet deposit of $200us prior to arrival. There is also an additional $20us added for extra cleaning fee.
Talk about an authentic simple way of living. Well, this just might be the place you've been looking for. If you're all about experiencing nature's way, from simplicity to crawling insects - then here it is. Trading in your world of troubles for a whole lot less is not such a bad idea after all. I mean, a complete 'stress FREE' zone where you leave all your worries and problems behind. Just pack your bags and come ha… skaityti daugiau


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4,56 out of 5 stars from 35 reviews



Frequente , Saint George, Grenada

This property is in a safe neighborhood with friendly people, and is in close proximity to everything, which is what I love most about it. It really doesn't take a long time to get anything done. Here's a list of driving distances from the house:

Airport - 5 minutes
SGU - 5 minutes
Beach - 5 minutes
Bank - 3 minutes
Hardware - 4 Minutes
Movies Theater - 3 minutes
Town - 15 minutes
Food - 5 minutes
Mall (Grocery & Shopping) - 5 minutes

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Prisijungė 2017 m. balandis
  • 95 atsiliepimai
  • Tapatybė patvirtinta
Just exploring the journey of life through travel. Fascinated by the endless possibilities of the unknown, differences with places, things and people. Can't wait to visit your home-town to add to my latest discoveries.
Viešnagės metu
I'm Ms. G, and since am frequently off the Island, you will most likely will NOT be meeting me on your visit. By excepting this booking you are agreeing with our “self-checkin” process. This means your keys will be placed in a lockbox where you would need a code to gain access to it. This code will only be made available to you within 24 hours of your arrival.

For everyone's safety and security, we must verify that the person we are handing our keys to - is the same person who made the reservation. Please provide a clear photo on your profile so that we can recognize you when you arrive, and please be sure to have your ID with you! Unless we are able to verify identities upon check-in, we have the right to NOT provide access to the listing and may turn you away. You MUST disclose accurate number of guest that will be staying with you in the space and and pet(s) and other company that will/may be tagging along. Absolutely NO 3rd party booking. This means you CANNOT book this unit for someone else, i.e. friend, husband, wife, child, or other, without our consent and authorization. Booking made in ANY such manner will be canceled and GND Rentals will NOT be held liable for the cancellation and any cost/fees associated with these types of circumstances.

Guest with SAME DAY bookings (bookings within 24 hours) should NOT do instant booking. First, send an inquiry with your expected time of checkin, so that we may determine if it feasible. Doing self-checkin in the dark can be challenging for first-time guest so we may deny booking later than 6:00 pm. Again, please DO NOT “instant book” last-minute bookings. GND Rentals will NOT be held liable for any cancellations or refund associated with these transactions.

I should ONLY be contacted through this medium (Airbnb contact/messaging). Absolutely NO PHONE CALL PLEASE!! I usually respond promptly. In case of a real emergency (i.e. a pipe broke, toilet block and the like) you can call me via the social media platform called 'WHATSAPP' at 1-473-403-4700.

If you are the kind of person that DOES NOT follow instructions very well, or get lost easily; it is highly recommended that you used one of our preferred Taxi drivers, only because they are familiar with the premise and the process. They would insure that you make it to the right house, show you to the 'lockbox', and see that you’re settle inside. This ensure there's is no confusion and/or miscommunication in finding the place since Grenada does NOT have physical street addresses, rather we uses reference points/landmarks and so it can be rather frustrating for guest that are not familiar with this type of environment. Please note that 'Google maps' does NOT locate the exact location of this property.
I'm Ms. G, and since am frequently off the Island, you will most likely will NOT be meeting me on your visit. By excepting this booking you are agreeing with our “self-checkin” pro…
  • Greitų atsakymų rodiklis: 100%
  • Atsakymo laikas: per valandą
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