White house-2 BHK Bungalow Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar


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The unique structure of the White House Bungalow is designed by the world-renowned Architect Hafeez Contractor inspired by the Neoclassical and Greek architecture. It has become a landmark on the Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar Road and a point of attraction among the tourists from the time it has emerged.
White House melds unstinting luxury with the tranquility of being in harmony with nature. Brilliantly designed, it is perfectly integrated with nature's beauty, a haven of relaxation and peace.

A Palatial Twin Bungalow with two classy tastefully furnished sets of `Two Bed Rooms and one Living room, 2 terraces, 1 big and 1 small. Thus it consists of total of four Bedrooms Two living rooms and four terraces.

Living area:
The entire bungalow is divided into two sections of two bedrooms and one living room, rendering both of them completely independent of each other when you want it to be, and also as an independant 2 bedroom bungalow when the need arises. The living rooms are well furnished and include Sofas and a center table. There is also a table that can be used either as a workspace or to have snacks and read a book.
The staircase leads to the room on top.

Bedroom 1:
The first room is on the ground floor. It is fully furnished with a queen-sized bed, LED TV with Cable connection, Mini Fridge, Air conditioner and a wardrobe.
For your privacy, each room has got its own bathroom.

Bedroom 2:
The second bedroom is on the first floor the stairs to which are from the living room. This bedroom is also fully furnished with a queen-sized bed, LED TV with Cable connection, Mini Fridge, Air conditioner and a wardrobe.
Again, this room also has an attached bathroom.

Please Note: Even though the bedrooms have AC option the displayed tariff is for Non AC rooms. If you want AC it will be separately charged at only Rs.500 per room per night, it is the same room with AC activated. We have done this to give our guests flexibility and an option to save money so that they don't need to pay for AC if they are not going to use it.

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Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, Indija

Nestled between five hills Panchgani is an idyllic mountain retreat in the Krishna valley. Tucked away in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Panchgani is a well-known hill station of Maharashtra on the highway to Mahabaleshwar from Pune.

Panchgani derives its name from the five hills around it. At an altitude of 1334 meters it is just 38 m below Mahabaleshwar. These 38 m translate themselves into a breathtaking 20 km approach from Mahabaleshwar, offering heart-stopping views of the river Krishna on one side & the coastal plains on the other. Panchgani is the quintessential hill station, with the British Raj, stamped indelibly all over it. It can be seen in the old architecture of the old British buildings, the Parsi houses, & the boarding schools that have been for a century or more.

Amble along the walkways, thickly canopied by lush trees & vegetation & delights in the secrets you come upon. The Krishna, snaking through tiny hamlets, farms & ravines, hundreds of meters below. Visit table land, a flat mountain peak & feast your eyes on the coastal plains, looking like miniature watercolors. Select a horse from one of the numerous stables & canter along uncharted routes through hidden lovers' lanes, to the caves & Kamalgadh fort. Or while away at the bazaar. Panchgani is one of the rare places that doesn't crowd anyone, yet in its own unhurried way deeply touches every visitor.

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Hello Friends!
Thank you so much for visiting my listing, and my profile.
I am Snehal, I live in Thane with my family.
I am a Businessman in the Petroleum Industry.
I love Asian food, traveling, movies, and feel good music.
I have put up both my vacation homes up here on Airbnb.
I hope you will enjoy these your holidays here as much as we have!
I meet and connect with a lot of great people like yourself through this.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Hello Friends!
Thank you so much for visiting my listing, and my profile.
I am Snehal, I live in Thane with my family.
I am a Businessman in the Petroleum Industry.…

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