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Welcome to this beautiful part of Mexico called Colimilla for some, and La Culebra for others—a long story to learn— and especially to our home, which is, of course, su casa. We hope you enjoy your time there as much as we do, and rest assured we will be doing our best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Built-in 2007, this is a house with an interesting design that provides different places to enjoy the magnificence of the sunset, and mostly, the dawn. Also, it has distinctive features and a touch that makes her unique. For example, you may identify special aspects in the doors, brought from India, preserving in some cases the original paint, with their old hand made hinges and nails predating industrial production of nails.

The house is an open space to enjoy altogether, the breeze and the sight from the lagoon. From here, you can enjoy your meals being close to the kitchen and the bar. The dining table is made out of Guanacaste, a tropical wood crafted by local artisans, with a rustic touch and a base of forged iron. On the back, there is another table and on the wall, you will see a fossil very interesting, and ad-hoc with the tropical ambiance.

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7 nakvynės, vietovė – La Culebra

2023 m. gegužės 27 d. - 2023 m. birželio 3 d.

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La Culebra, Colima, Meksika

As you can see, your stay is in a house that is part of a local community. It is a wonderful place, with very generous weather, especially during the Fall-Spring period. You will hear in the morning a very diverse sample of noises. From the wild “Chachalacas” (galliform birds from the genus Ortalis), wild parrots, birds, and doves, to hens and roosters announcing the new day from very early! Also, if you look carefully at the trees, you may spot some beautiful iguanas. There are three living regularly there. It is good to enjoy and learn from the community, part of the cultural learning experience. All people around you will be very helpful and very friendly, a very safe environment, I can guarantee. You will have several restaurants by the lagoon shore, our favorite is Doña Mary’s. You may try
something different, you get choices, Colimilla’s Restaurant, Doña Lidia.
Also, within Colimilla, two blocks down from the house, there is a fishery owned by two very nice and friendly guys. You may want to try to buy something from them. They know us, and if you let them know where you are staying, they for sure will give you better attention. There is also another fishery that I strongly recommend if you are into fresh seafood. It is located at the intersection of the highway that goes to Barra de Navidad, in the surroundings of a village named Jaluco. Ask Esmeralda about the place, the owner is called Juan. Also, tell him I send you there. From there, I recommend Pargo, Dorado, Marlin, Sierra, Ojo de Perra. The best ceviche will be with any of the last two.

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At your arrival, you will be greeted by Esmeralda. She will be in charge that everything in the house works properly. She also is ready to help you with anything you need, like cleaning and kitchen help with a small extra fee. Also, if you want total privacy and prefer not to have anybody around at any time,
it is fine. Just let us know what your preference is. She is there to help you, not to bother you. Since Esmeralda is well known in the community, she can be very helpful, she can make a fish prepares for you from the restaurants and she can deliver it to you at the time you want it, in your table. Not a bad choice for those days you want to try a “pescado zarandeado”.
At your arrival, you will be greeted by Esmeralda. She will be in charge that everything in the house works properly. She also is ready to help you with anything you need, like cle…
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