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Vila Nova de Gaia: atostogų būstai

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River&Bridges apartamentai 1 Porte
Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas · 6 svečiai · 4 lovos · 2 vonios

River&Bridges apartamentai 1 PorteMes River & Bridges apartamentuose stengiamės suteikti jums namų pojūtį. Esame pasiryžę pasveikinti jus kaip šeimą. Esame pasiryžę suteikti jums konfederaciją. Prisijunkite prie mūsų įsimintinai viešnagei.

Geriausias vaizdas į Porto  ‒  romantiška terasa Penthouse
Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas · 2 svečiai · 1 lova · 1 vonia

Geriausias vaizdas į Porto ‒ romantiška terasa PenthousePorto Moments yra jūsų privatus butas, esantis istoriniame rajone Santa Marinha, kur garsiausi vyno rūsiai yra. Šis viršutinio aukšto privatus butas su nuostabiu vaizdu į Portą, pilnai įrengta virtuve, puikia patalyne, privačiu biuru, 2 terasomis yra bene geriausia vieta apsistoti šioje vietoje. Jūsų laukia švieži konditerijos gaminiai, Port vyno karafas, šampūnas, kūno losjonas, dušo želė (visa tai pagaminta Portugalijoje) ir nuostabūs vaizdai.

MyRiverplace N. 4 BUTAI
Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas · 4 svečiai · 3 lovos · 1 vonia

MyRiverplace N. 4 BUTAIJEI PAGEIDAUJAMOS DATOS NEPASIEKIAMOS, SPUSTELĖKITE ANT MŪSŲ PROFILIO, TAME PAČIAME PASTATE TURIME KITŲ VARIANTŲ, AČIŪ. MyRiverPlace yra 3 žavingi apartamentai su nuostabiais vaizdais visoje "Douro" upėje ir Porte. Strateginėje vietoje: - Metro stotelė "Jardim do Morro" 350 metrų atstumu - AUTOBUSŲ stotelė prie įėjimo durų - Traukinių stotelė 400 metrų atstumu - D. Luiso TILTAS ir "Douro" upė 150 metrų atstumu - Automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė beveik priešais, 30 metrų atstumu - mini turgūs, kavinės, kepykla,

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Vila Nova de Gaia: kiti puikūs būstai atostogoms čia

  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Porto
„Blue Gem“ Ribeiroje
$101 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Porto
Kaimiškas, romantiškas butas istoriniame centre
$65 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Vila Nova de Gaia
MyRiverPlace N. 2 Oporto apartamentai
$79 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: miesto namas
  2. Vila Nova de Gaia-Quebrantões
Casa de Gaia, vaizdas į Douro upę
$68 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Porto
Stebuklingas vaizdas Saulėtas balkonas Istorinis centras!
$49 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: kondominiumas (butas)
  2. Porto
Virtudes Charming Loft | Porto istorinis centras
$50 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: gyvenamasis namas
  2. Vila Nova de Gaia
Porto ola
$34 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Porto
Inn Oporto Old Town - Apartamentai
$83 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Porto
Douro River Studios 02
$94 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: loftas
  2. Porto
PORTO PENTHOUSE - Pakabinama lova ir terasa
$75 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Porto
🌳☀️OASIS in City CENTER!🍋LemonTree Garden & Cottage
$47 už naktį
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Porto
Maria Pia
$106 už naktį

Vila Nova de Gaia: ką smagiausia nuveikti atvykus

Patvirtintos kokybės unikali vietinių ekspertų organizuojama veikla

  • Wine Venture & Boat Trip in Douro Valley
    Come and see why we became awarded by Airbnb as being the Most Successful Hosts and Highest Rated Experiences for the last 2 years. We call it Commitment, Friendship and Passion for Culture, History and Wine. THE JOURNEY We start our day in Porto, heading to Douro Valley in a very comfortable Mercedes Van driving through spectacular roads. We want to let you immerse in breathtaking views in a Unesco World Heritage Site. It's time for a stop in a hidden viewpoint where you will have a great opportunity to take wonderful pictures. THE WINE AND SOMETHING MORE We will visit a stunning old winery where you will discover more about viticulture, winemaking and wine aging. You will learn about technical specifications of Douro Wines and their Terroir. Tasting their wines is embracing the whole region by feeling its aromas, flavours and complexity. NOT JUST WINE Before lunch, nothing fits better than 1 hour private cruise enjoying the breathtaking views with tasty snacks and drink. LAST BUT NOT LEAST We will drive you to another exclusive family-owned winery where we will enjoy a delicious home cooked Portuguese lunch pairing with their wines and then visiting their charming property. Please be in mind that we offer something that you couldn't have access on your own! Customer knows best: that's why we believe our reviews will tell you why we are the best Douro Valley Experience! Other things to note * Private Groups - Please contact us to create a Private Experience for you. * Clean and Safe certification guaranteed * We can accommodate Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Dairy-free for Lunch (or any kind of food allergies). Please alert us after finishing your booking process.
    Nuo Kaina:$147 asmeniui
  • Learn How to Make Pastel de Nata!
    • I can make private classes, please send me a message • Take a look at my instagram page for a sneak peek of past experiences @portocookingclass This experience is perfect for guests traveling with small or big groups, and also for families with kids! :) If you are visiting Porto alone, it’s a great way to meet people from all over the world! I will happily welcome you to my home, where we have lots of natural light, a calm area prepared with everything we need for messy and fun baking time! Hosting is a passion and I have been doing this all my life with friends and family and so to call it a job: is a dream come true. To start our experience, we will talk a little bit about me and my family since this is a recipe that belongs to my grandmothers and we have been doing it for years, so you can understand the uniqueness and how lucky I was when growing up eating these amazing Pastéis. This is a hands-on class, we will bake everything from scratch as a group with my help! That is the most important part, we will create the most amazing Pastel de Nata because we will put lots of love, time and care into them. Everybody will help, we will take turns and I will give you a lot of fun facts regarding the story about them and who created Keep in mind: You don't need to be a baker to do this experience - the recipe is simple and I will guide you through all the process
    Nuo Kaina:$25 asmeniui
  • Airbnb 2019 Douro MostUniqueAccessExp
    Airbnb awarded this tour in 2019 as the MOST UNIQUE ACCESS EXPERIENCE to Douro, based on consumers choice of authenticity, history and best customers feedback. We are very happy with the return of our guests about our commitment and passion for the Douro Valley... We are a family business with high quality standards, forget the company tours doing always the same, we are personalized to give you a lifetime experience, simple as that... We start to see the most breathtaking views in Douro Valley in a river cruize only for our private group with guides, all this with some snacks and drinks from Douro. Next we will visit the first winery, the Oldest Wine House in Douro Est.1638, learn what is done in the vineyards, connect the vineyard to the university with new scientific studies, see the best of the technology that is being used in the wine production. We will learn also about table wines, not only about Porto wine like in the other tours. We also will be able to walk through the vineyard and of course taste their wines. Then we will visit the authentic Douro, the Douro from the locals, the less touristy Douro and have lunch at a second winery, to get to know more about the wines of the small producers. It will be another very special moment with lunch in the garden. All this in a day that i promise, will be memorable for you. Note : We do private tours in French...
    Nuo Kaina:$147 asmeniui
  • Douro Valley behind the scenes
    We have the cheapest private tour on airbnb and on top of that if it's groups of 3 we do it in a convertible Mercedes. I will take you to visit the Douro Valley as if it were with a friend, an unforgettable/relaxing day, an experience of a lifetime. With me, everything is done at your own pace, with no time limits on events, no deadlines for nothing. You even have time to cool off in the pool with a nice glass of wine in your hand in the second winery. Our keyword and the motto of this experience is: NO STRESS, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Let's see the Douro tourist that 99% of tourists see, but i want you to be the 1% of tourists who will see the Douro that no one else sees, I'll show you the most beautiful road in the entire Douro Valley and the most authentic places, from the local people with their customs and their foods and wines. We visit 2 wine estates, first the OLDEST PORT WINE HOUSE in DOURO VALLEY Est.1638, see the vineyards and taste the grapes and learn the process of making PORT, TABLE WINES and the famous brandy to add to the Port wine. Second a small FAMILY PRODUCER HOUSE, dating from 1735, where we will have a majestic lunch facing the vineyard and taste all their wines, including old tawny's 20/30/40. In this experience we still have time for an OPTIONAL 1 hour PRIVATE BOAT cruize with Douro snacks and drinks only for our guests... Price 15 euros
    Nuo Kaina:$100 asmeniui
  • Porto SURFING Experience
    OUR GOAL IS FOR YOU TO HAVE AN EXCELLENT SURFING EXPERIENCE, whether it's your first time trying surfing or you are trying to advance your skills. We'll get suited up in the wetsuits I provide, grab the surfboards and head down to the sand. This experience is for Small Groups (MAXIMUM 5 PARTICIPANTS per COACH) from total beginners surfers. For the first 15 minutes we’ll be training on the beach, then the rest of the classe with an instructor in the ocean. Other things to note Comfortable room to change clothes (NOT IN THE STREET) and safe space to store your belongings (NOT IN A CAR). At the end of the lesson you have access to an outdoor shower. If you never surfed before this is the surfing experience you're looking for. JOIN US ALOHA
    Nuo Kaina:$30 asmeniui

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