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Maikhao Dream Villa
February 24, 2017
Great for Snorkeling and Diving
May 8, 2016
The underwater world is characterized by a large number of hard corals, which surprise with their uncommon forms. Hard corals Surin took the first place among all the Thai islands.

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  • Island
    “Khai Islands – Koh Khai Nok and Koh Khai Nai – are 2 tiny islets situated to the east of Phuket, only a 20-minute ride by speedboat. The largest of them, Koh Khai Nok, is particularly busy in high season as it offers a pleasant getaway from Phuket for those who want to enjoy sunbathing and snorkelling without the hassle of a long trip at sea. Both islands are uninhabited, and Khai Nok is the only one which can be visited. Featuring all the infrastructures necessary to spend a comfortable day on the beach – restaurants, bars, sun-loungers and umbrellas – the highlight of Koh Khai Nok is the multitude of tropical fish roaming around the shore, giving visitors the great experience of swimming in a natural 'aquarium'.”
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  • Natural Feature
    “The Similans are a group of 9 islands belonging to the eponymous Marine National Park, about 84 km northwest of Phuket. Totally undeveloped, they offer their visitors an unspoiled remote territory in the same state as it used to be thousands of years ago. Ranked among the top 10 dive sites in the world, the Similans can be visited on day trips as well as short stopovers. The rangers’ camp features accommodation in tents and small bungalows that allow visitors to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the islands. With white powder sand beaches, lush vegetation, crystal waters, and only the sound being the wind through the branches, the Similans offer the ultimate place to get away from it all.”
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  • Natural Feature
    “Even though James Bond island may at times be overrun by tourists, but the rest of the Phang Na park is gorgeous. Hire your own traditional Long Tail boat and go hopping around the small islands, have lunch on a floating restaurant and go kayaking through the natural coves. ”
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