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Charming Victorian Park Room Full

Kambario tipas: privatus kambarys, būsto tipas: butas. Šeimininkas: Amna Ayse
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Lovely large room, king size bed, crisp linen overlooking lush gardens of city park. Inclusive of breakfast and dinner


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Vallejo, California, Jungtinės Valstijos

Svečius priima Amna Ayse

Prisijungė 2013 m. rugpjūtis
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So here's the rub. We started as fifteen year old girls twins. We are now twenty-two and in college!! Amna does the cooking and Ayse does the cleaning and laundry. We both make the bed! All the money raised goes to our extra curicular activies like horseback riding, ice skating, waterpolo and school trips. Once in a while we can argue our mother and father into a treat or two. Why did our mother agree to this? First our mother comes from a huge family (52 first cousins) and she thinks that the more people you love the happier you are. She stayed with a French family while a college student in France so she loves the ‘guest’ vibe. She says Airbnb gives us the chance to spend more time liking or loving people. Mom thinks that hospitality and kindness is IT and that welcoming people, being hospitable and generous is a skill a young adult needs to practice - and practice often. Then, there's the money aspect. Our mother truly believes that money is hard to earn and easy to spend; she wants us to equate school trips to four breakfasts and five laundry loads. Apparently that equation is supposed to be helpful as we get older. Then she wants us to learn to give more than we get, that it's important to go the extra mile. Apparently our grandfather is fond of saying 'never let an employer have to justify your salary'. Finally, the reviews are an added bonus according to our mother. It’s usually a relaxed family meeting, on our way to dinner or to our grandparents ... and someone gets to reads it out-loud. The interesting thing is that it has taught us that appearances may be deceiving, that some are shy with their feelings and that its important to always assume the best. Our example here was a guest that we thought was so-so about our breakfast (which we are very proud of) but when the review came in it was wonderful. The guest was just reserved in person. Why did our father agree? Frankly he was horrified at first. He comes from a large family too and he likes our house when its full of neighbors and friends, but he didn't think that 'strangers' would be fun. He's traveled alot in his life and we think that's what made him agree, the promise of meeting travelers. suffice it to say, he loves meeting guests. In a way he travels more now! All in all, our family has tons more friends - now more than ever. We have invitations to India, Korea, France, Canada, Mississippi ... the world! And after seven years of welcoming people into our world well we are using the money made wisely: Ayse is studying oceanography with a minor in technical diving at Humbolt State. Last summer she walked the California coast cataloging marine mammal depletion. This summer means she’s teaching sailing and scuba diving on Catalina Island. She’ll graduate with more technical licenses that anyone really needs but it means she’s good at what she wants to do - explore the wondrous oceans of world and try to make them better. Amna will finish her masters in global health at Kings College London this August. Then September she starts medical school!!! Amna has another five years of medical school ahead of her and at the end, she hopes to be an orthopedic surgeon. Fingers crossed! Thank you for sharing our space, you're really a gift in many, many, many ways. Thank you! And thank you again!!
So here's the rub. We started as fifteen year old girls twins. We are now twenty-two and in college!! Amna does the cooking and Ayse does the cleaning and laundry. We both make the…
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