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The Historic Spence Manor has housed some of the worlds most famous musicians such as Cash, Presley, and the Beatles. Now this 1BR/1BA converted music studio is perfectly located for everything Nashville has to offer. Great music, food, & memories. This condo is walkable to music row, demonbruen, gulch, midtown, and about a 10-15 minute walk to lower Broadway. It also includes parking at no extra cost.

Permit: Residential Short Term Rental - T2022013909

This condo is a converted music studio turned home. The space is still decorated with soundboards that not only keep the noise of the many Demonbruen bars out of the condo, but more importantly lets you play music and hang out without bothering any of the neighbors. However this is a downtown space- any night could get louder than expected as could any morning. To reiterate this is a downtown space. While I have rarely heard my neighbors I cannot promise a musician doesn't get inspired in the surrounding condos!!! I'd recommend knocking and asking to listen in! They are usually very impressive :)

The bedroom is separated from the kitchen and living room with french doors. The bed is a king and is known as "the cloud" as it is tough to find something more comfortable to sleep in... Seriously, set an alarm!!! From the bed you will have views of the capital building in season, the famous Webb Pierce guitar shaped swimming pool, and demonbruen street.

The living room has a sectional and smart TV. I have BASIC CABLE- but again, the smart tv allows east streaming of your favorite shows. The couch is large and comfortable, The kitchen has all of the amenities you could need including pots/pans/silverware/glassware etc.

If you have more than 2 staying, a queen sized air mattress is in the closet.

Lastly, there is a washer and dryer and it is currently available to utilize. That said, on the 1st floor last the bakery there is a community laundry room that takes quarters.

The bathroom will have towels, shampoo, and conditioner.

*** please note****
The outside of the building is no longer in its prime as the hoa works to bring it back to its former glory.
The inside hallways are bland, clean but old. I have had guests prior that told me they were let down by the hall- but don’t worry the condo looks nothing like the hallway and that is where I hope you would hang out!

Additionally on the outside of my unit ( nothing inside) we have a smart camera. This is used so I know when the condo is clean and ready for the next guests, as well as monitor the number of guests). While some units are designed for a bunch of people and parties, mine is not unfortunately.

Elevators- there are 2. A front more desirable elevator full of mirrors, and a back service elevator. As it is an old historic building sometimes the front elevator will be down as we wait for techs that know how to fix it. You can use the back elevator or stairs if possible. Apologies in advance if it happens to be broken. In the 8 years I have owned, both elevators only went down once- but it did happen.

We try to open this by Memorial Day and it closes after Labor Day ( currently open)
You must have the pool key, and no glass or additional guests are permitted to the pool area.

Why no reviews since 2020?
Reason being is when covid hit I opted to rent to nurses. While doing so my short term license lapsed and with that I had to wait a year to reapply. Upon reapplication it took months to go through Nashville’s strp process as well as having an unfortunate rental scenario where everything was damaged- thus everything you see in the condo has been replaced from the prior listing in 2020. Don’t worry, I think it is actually a huge upgrade from my college decor. Reach out with additional questions!

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2023 m. sausio 17 d. - 2023 m. sausio 24 d.

4,92 out of 5 stars from 381 reviews


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Nashville, Tennessee, Jungtinės Valstijos

This condo is uniquely located between midtown and Demonbruen. If you are looking to visit Rebar/Winners/Losers/Brewhouse/Hattie B's, you can expect a little under a 5 minute walk. If Demonbruen attractions are more your pace (Dan Mcguiness/South/Dawg House/Tin Roof) you can expect a little under a minute walk. Walking to Broadway is very doable, it usually takes about 15 minutes to walk to Bridgestone, and about 25 to walk to the Titans stadium. The highway entrance is about 3 blocks from the condo, so any other attractions are easily accessible.

Kinda trendy but always fun. Great food, none of which are chains. For a casual dinner try Bartaco, Edleys, or MafiaoZas.
If you are looking for a date spot, Urban Grub has incredible food and atmosphere.

12 South is a great area comprised mainly of young families and free-spirited individuals. You will find freelancers and musicians at the local coffeehouses and moms with strollers walking to the nearby Sevier Park. There are some awesome restaurants in the 12 South area including laid back joints as well as fine dining. You can also enjoy the 12 South Farmer’s Market every Tuesday from 3:30pm to 6:30pm during the warmer months.
12 South also has several apparel shops that sell everything from vintage to modern styles. From 12 South, you can walk to Belmont Blvd, but would need to drive to the other areas in Nashville

8th AVENUEBetween the Gulch and Melrose is 8th Avenue South, home of many of Nashville’s most recognized names, including Zanies Comedy Club and Grimey’s New & Preloved Music. This neighborhood has long been a destination to see a show at Douglas Corner Cafe or to pick up a special furniture piece at 8th Avenue Antique Mall. But a lot of newcomers, such as Eighth and Roast and the Urban Juicer, are bringing fresh life to the neighborhood, making it a little more homey and inviting.
There’s a blend of new and old on 8th Ave South, which is why the area is attractive to so many people. Eat some Thai at the Smiling Elephant,  pop-in to Pre to Post Modern for some incredible vintage goods, drink an iced coffee from the tap at Eighth and Roast, then catch a comedy show from someone like Pauly Shore at Zanies. You can defintiely have a wide-variety of entertaining experiences during your visit to the 8th Ave South neighborhood.

DEMONBRUEN (closest to the condo)The neighborhood is only about a quarter mile long with big outdoor patios hooked to most of the restaurants and bars. When the weather is nice, the patios fill up and create a fun city energy. Demonbreun Hill is most well-known as the “going out” spot for college students and young adults, who stay out late at local hotspots like Tin Roof.
Favorite spots include Dawghouse (great drink specials always and live music), two bits(games), and tin roof. If you are looking for a late night dance party outside of country music this is the area to be.
Lastly, around the corner is a BYOW (bring your own wine) pizza place called DeSano Pizza Bakery. Awesome food with a cool atmosphere!

Midtown is definitely a bar-hopping mecca, but has also has some culinary treasures. There are over 30 bars and restaurants, with at least seven of the bars staying open until 3:00am. Midtown gets a lot of attention thanks to Patterson House’s speakeasy theme and high-end, unique dining concept at The Catbird Seat.
The vibe in Midtown is a little more relaxed and less touristy. It’s a popular area for locals that enjoy a vibrant night scene without mingling with the honky tonking visitors.Midtown is not ideal for families, but would be great for young adults or single people still into the night scene.
Favorite Places include: Broadway Brewhouse, Chueys, Hattie B's (Hot Chicken), Winners, Losers, Rebar, San Antonio Taco Company, South Street (really awesome atmosphere), Soulshine(pizza and music)

Germantown is one of the oldest areas in Nashville with an awesome, eclectic vibe. Notable aspects of Germantown include brick sidewalks, ample street parking, and more greenery than your typical city neighborhood.
Germantown has over 15 restaurants, including local gems like City House, Rolf and Daughters, 5th and Taylor, and Butchertown Hall. The night scene in Germantown is mild with most of the restaurants closing between 10:00pm and midnight.

East Nashville
East Nashville has everything you could need. East Nashville is probably Nashville’s most eccentric and liberal area, especially embraced by artists and musicians. The area has undergone extreme revitalization over the last decade, drawing a lot of attention to an assortment of newcomers who enjoy a laid-back community and culture.
East Nashville has a huge list of amazing businesses, from restaurants to shops, that are undoubtedly some of the best in Nashville. A lot of different types of people live in East Nashville, but expect to see mostly young, hip adults and families at the local spots. Walking from East Nashville to the other areas is pretty much out of the question, so be prepared to stay on that side of the river or be willing to drive a little.
Favorite places include: Holland House, Mad Donnas, Rosepepper, Rumours East, Pharmacy East

The Gulch is located a little bit south of Downtown Nashville and has an upscale, trendy vibe. The Gulch is extremely walkable because it’s located between several different areas. You can walk to shops and restaurants in the Gulch as well as other areas such as Downtown Nashville, Demonbreun and Midtown.
Favorite places: City Fire, Burger Republic, Party Fowl, Pour House, Saint Anejo, Sambuca, Pub

Many years ago, Melrose wasn’t exactly trendy or a go-to spot for many people. Today, though, Melrose is growing quickly. Places like M. L. Rose (formerly just Melrose) broke the ice, drawing more people to the area through great food and beer. New restaurants like Sinema andThe Sutler and shopping options like Bliss Home attract an upscale clientele, who would have ignored Melrose just a few years ago.
Melrose is on a major upswing, and it’s definitely a neighborhood to check out. There’s a piece of history in many of the establishments, especially Sinema and The Sutler, that you won’t find anywhere else.
Favorite Places: Boltons, Craft Brewed, M.L. Rose, Santa's Pub, Sutler

Downtown Nashville, also called “The District,” is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. With the famous flashing lights of the Broadway “honky tonks,” which feature live music every day of the week, and the constant events occurring at Bridgestone, Nissan Stadium, the Ryman, and Riverfront, Nashville has earned the nickname “Nashvegas.” If you live or visit Downtown Nashville, you can definitely walk everywhere in the vicinity of downtown and maybe to a few other neighborhoods such as SoBro, the Gulch, Demonbreun and Midtown, but it is a bit of a hike to get to any other neighborhood. It’s easy to grab a taxi, Uber, Lyft, B-Cycle, or bus ticket to check out the other neighborhoods, though. Expect more of a tourist scene Downtown. 
Downtown Nashville is not ideal for families, but is great for people who are new to Nashville and want to experience what Nashville is known for. If you have already experienced Nashville, either as a local or a passionate tourist, you may want to check out another area so you can choose when to experience the Nashvegas energy.
Downtown Nashville has well over sixty bars and restaurants, varying from local hotspots to national chains. Shopping in Downtown Nashville consists mainly of boot shops, western wear, souvenirs, and music stores.
Favorite Places: Big Bang, Tootsies (Rooftop), Rippies (Rooftop), Paradise Park, Stage, Honkeytonk Central, Acme, Rock Bottom (Rooftop), Bourban Street Blues and Boogie bar, Fleet Street Pub,

Hillsboro Village
Hillsboro Village tends to be more family-friendly due to the amount of single-family homes available around the area. There is a large, urban park with a playground and tennis courts as well as sitting areas.
If you live in Hillsboro Village, you can enjoy over 25 bars and restaurants including Nashville staples like Pancake Pantry and Fido. Hillsboro Village also has some great shopping including several clothing boutiques, a local bookstore, and a flower shop. It is home to the Belcourt Theatre, which is a theater house featuring classic, independent and foreign films, musical performances, and live theater. This is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Nashville.
Favorite Places: Belcourt Taps, Cabana, Double Dogs, Grilled Cheeserie, Kay Bobs, Villager Tavern

EdgeHillEdgehill Village is an up-and-coming area located parallel to Music Row. This is one of the smaller areas in Nashville with only a few eateries and shops, including popular spots like Taco Mamacita and Bella Napoli. 
Favorite Places: Bella Napoli, Taco Mamacita, Legato Gelato

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