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Away from the city lights, near Korat and the Khao Yai National Park. Discover my hidden Thailand

Imagine Thailand. No, not the one you usually see on television, no floating market or trained monkeys. The real Thailand. Where life passes on with it's own unique style and rate. Where musical birds provide soundtracks to the glowing sunset. Somewhere deep in Thailand’s northeastern countryside otherwise known as Isaan, experience a Thailand before Lonely Planet made us less lonely.

Besides hanging out in hammocks, pondering life in the pond, or hiking up the hill (mountain), we have also created our own tours and activities for our guest only. Classic scooter tour, catch and release fishing, Mario kart 64 challenge...(ok, that last ones not really true, but I am looking for a worthy opponent)

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Khlong Muang, Amphoe Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Tailandas

Experience real farmer's evening and weekend markets. The real Thai life. Try very local food spots, depending if the cook is cooking that day. The Homtel has optional lunch and dinner.

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I've walked a few different kinds of life. Born in Thailand, studied in the states. Worked jobs ranging from private security to being a Segway tour guide in San Francisco. Being half Thai and American, I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunities to see and be a part of so many people's lives. Now a days, you can find me driving my scooter around Thailand looking for real hole in the wall, local restaurants to try and find the best place for a good basil stir-fry. Cold Thai ice teas or coffee smoothies are the best way to beat the heat! I studied and pursued the American dream from Missouri to California for 10 years. But where ever I went, my heart still longed for the simple pleasures that I grew up with in Thailand. From it's exquisite foods to the simple flow of life, where quality is valued over quantity. Where you can have an adventure just by riding a scooter down back country roads and be at peace among the rice paddies and village temples that dot the landscape. I grew up in a part of Thailand called Isaan, it's the north eastern part and is a major agriculture region of Thailand. Far from the busy city lights, loud nightclubs and bars, it's the Thailand that most people can only imagine when they watch old documentaries or read about in long outdated Lonely Planets that seem to infest hostels. Left behind by other travelers with similar dreams to explore an unseen exotic Thailand. What I want to do is provide an option to travelers who want to experience what Thailand was like before Lonely Planet made us less lonely. Rediscover a Thailand that you've only heard. Have the space and time to take in the natural beauty of a quiet day in the jungle. Try authentic Thai cuisine and explore the kingdom like never before. Come see my hidden Thailand.
I've walked a few different kinds of life. Born in Thailand, studied in the states. Worked jobs ranging from private security to being a Segway tour guide in San Francisco. Being h…

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We have a private scooter tour for experienced riders. Hiking trails and bird watching.
  • Kalbos: English, ภาษาไทย
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