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Small, independent, completely renovated studio apartment for two persons (16 square meters) in 300 years old building. Includes bathroom w. shower, kitchenette, fireplace and balcony. 10 min (car, taxi)/20 min (walk) to Varenna with ferry habour, 75 min (train/car) to Milan. Bus, restaurant and shopping nearby. (OBS When arriving by car, avoid using Google-maps).
In quaint, peaceful village with stunning views of the lake. Ample opportunities for hiking in the mountains, swimming in the lake.

This small private apartment, which fits one or two persons is approximately 16 square meters. It includes a small bathroom with shower as well as a kitchenette with a fridge and a double gas range. There is a small table, a sofa bed (190×140cm) and a closet. The apartment also has a fireplace and a small balcony that offers a glimpse of the Como lake. The main entrance to the building is shared with the owners of the house who live upstairs.
The building, which is about three hundred years old, was purchased in 2007 and has since then undergone a very thorough restoration. In particular, everything in the apartment is new, including bathroom and kitchenette.
If you arrive before 16.00, there is most often the possibility of leaving your luggage with us.

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Kur būsite jūs

Perledo, Lombardia, Italija

Perledo is a small, old town situated on the top of a hill with a panoramic view of the central part of the Como lake. Surrounded by the old forests of the regional park Parco Regionale della Grigna it is a quiet place with a feeling of remoteness about it. Starting from this town there are ample opportunities for long and short hikes ranging from the easy to the challenging ones.
Despite being surrounded by nature, it offers the visitor innumerable possibilities for experiencing the culture and cuisine of Italy. The extraordinarily charming lake town Varenna, with its villas, gardens and many restaurants, can be reached by car in 10 minutes, by bus or taxi (about €10). As an alternative, a pleasant walk through fields and villages will bring you there in less than 20 minutes. From there ferries offer connections to almost all the towns on the lake, including world renown Bellagio (20 minutes by ferry) and the so-called gold coast (also 20 minutes by ferry), the south-eastern shore of the lake former and present home to many national and international socialites. From the beautiful lake town Menaggio, situated on the gold coast, there are only 25 minutes to Lugano by car and a similar distance to one of the biggest fashion outlets in Europe, Foxtown which offers all the famous Italian and international fashions brands. Como town is great for shopping, dining and boasts a stunning cathedral.

Every season in this area has its attractions. In the winter there are possibilities of skiing, cross-country or alpine, in nearby Esino (40 minutes by car) or further away in more famous resorts like Bormio or St. Moritz. With its many blooming villa gardens, to name a few those of Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi and Villa Balbianello, the lake is particularly attractive during spring. The summer offers possibilities for water sports, swimming in the lake (Perledo has several beaches) or just enjoying the pleasant lake climate. The fall is maybe the best time for hiking in the mountains where at this time of the year one easily finds chestnuts and many mushrooms (with some luck even the famous Porcini mushrooms). The fall is also a good time to visit Val Valtellina (40 minutes by car), which produces some of the best wines of Lombardia and in fact, Italy.
Some recommended walks:

(A) Down to Varenna. Starting from the playground (next to the parking lot) you will reach a small chapel. Follow the path to the right (there is a sign). You will cross the main road several times and eventually arrive at the Varenna station. About 20 minutes downhill - 25 minutes uphill.

(B) To the medieval castle of Vezio: As above, but when you reach the small chapel follow the path to the left. You will then arrive to a parking lot and some small factories. From there, the are indications as how to arrive to the castle through the forest. The walk is about 30 minutes. There is a cafeteria next to the castle. From the castle there are also several ways to continue down to Varenna.

(B) To Bologna: from Ristorante La Fonte take the small pathway "Via Bosco delle Streghe" upwards. You will cross the main road as you continue along this path and eventually get on to a pleasant forest of old oaks. After about 15 minutes walk you will arrive to a country road. Taking a right you will pass through the small village Gisazio (taking a left will bring you down to Gittana where we recommend the restaurant "Il Caminetto"). After 10 minutes more walk on the road, you will reach Bologna. The restaurant "Il Crott del Meo" is sometimes open, but the main reason to visit Bologna is maybe its stunning views of the central lake.

(C) I small hike in the mountains (there are signs most of the way).

(1) Start at the stairs to the right of the small Chapel after the playground in front of our house.
(2) Continue for about 25 min. til you reach the main road towards Esino.
(3) Follow the main road (up, towards Esino) for less than five minutes. On the left you will see some stairs and a sign showing the walking distance to Esino.
(4) Take those stairs and follow the path for about 25 minutes untill you see a couple of signs. One showing the way to Esino the other, pointing left, the way to Bologna ( "Croce di Bologna").
(5) You can take either directions (if you continue to Esino you may be able to catch a bus back to Perledo), but here I suggest taking the one to Bologna. However, if you walk five minutes more towards Esino, you will get to a small “Chapel” (with some paintings of patron saints right at the "border" between Perledo and Esino) from where there is a very nice view of both lake and mountains. Then you can turn back to the path towards Bologna.
(6) Follow the path to Bologna for 40-50 minutes, you will be walking on the rim of the mountain, parallel to the lake which you can see most of the time. Sometimes the path may be a bit difficult to identify..
(6) On the way to Bologna you will pass:
(i) A small fountain where you can get some water
(ii) Croce di Bologna, the highest point on the hike (there is a sign).
(iii) A small creek (dry most of the time) which you will have to cross (a bit of care may sometimes be needed here)
(7) Once you get to Bologna, make sure to stop in front of the church to take in the amazing view of the central part of the lake.

From there you can either

(8a) Take “Via Ronco” and then, taking the stais downwards, walk through the woods back to Perledo (Total time about 2 hours)


(8b) Take the country road to Gisazio and from there walk back to Perledo through the forest (Total time about 2 hours and 30 minutes).

Spa: The best spa experience you could have, is the Roman Baths in Bormio: “Bormio Terme”, “Bagni Vecchi” and “Bagni Nuovi”. They are very special and in a beautiful location and they have been in use for thousands of years!
Getting there: With car, a beautiful day trip through Valtellina, where you can also taste some of the extraordianry wine produced there.) Else you will have to take the train from Varenna to Tirano (company: Trenord) and from there the bus to Bormio (company: Perego).

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Hello~ ^^ My name is walljung. I am a Glass Artist. love calmness and gentleness. I like to lessen to Classic music and Epic music. Those music are gives me a lot of inspiration. But sometimes I forget turn on the music bcz for me, perledo is like a heaven. Every morning all kinds of birds are singing and wind is bring with smell of flowers also some car rolling sounds^^ ~ It is not just nature also mechanical systems... I like both! Actually my house is not open all the times. I use to going out from Italy, for my exhibitions. So only if I stay at home that time open to the guests. In winter, If some one stay my guest room it will be come artist. 이태리 코모호수와 알프스산의 정기를 늘상 마음에 담으며 작품에 혼을 담는 유리공예 작가의 작지만 밀도깊은 방을 공유하려합니다. 이곳 코모호수는 유럽에서도 아주 유서깊은 휴양지이기도 하지요. 고대 로마황제 가족들만이 이곳 코모호수를 이용할 수 있었다는 스토리가 있습니다. 또한 현대에는 수 많은 영화속 로맨틱한 공간의 정수처럼 이곳을 카메라에 담았는데요. 히치콕의 영화속에서 잉그리트버그만이 신혼여행지로 이곳 코모호수에 옵니다. 당시 세계의 상류층들이 얼마나 이곳의 아름다움을 은밀히 즐겼는지 느껴집니다. 이제는 세계적 유명인사들의 여름별장들로 가득한 코모이지요. 제가 사는 이곳은 석양이 무척 드라마틱한 알프스 동쪽산마루에 있답니다. 자주 전 이곳의 풍광이 천국같다고 느끼곤하며 반지의 제왕에서나 볼 법한 풍광들이 제 집 루프테라스에서 흔하게 펼쳐져 있지요. 게스트룸은 지평으로부터 세번째 층고이지만 안에서는 낮은 이층처럼 느껴지지요. 적당히 아담하여 편하게 즐길 수 있는 발코니에서는 북 이태리의 알프스기운으로 가득한 새들의 노래소리로 울려퍼집니다. 모쪼록 즐거운 여행으로 깊은 에너지의 좋은 전환이 되시길 바랍니다.
Hello~ ^^ My name is walljung. I am a Glass Artist. love calmness and gentleness. I like to lessen to Classic music and Epic music. Those music are gives me a lot of inspiration. B…

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Language spoken: English, Italian, Korean, Danish and a bit Japanese and German.

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