Villa Cabernet~Russian River Wine Lodge w/ Hot Tub


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8 svečiai, 4 miegamieji, 5 lovos, 2 vonios
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This is a beautiful upstairs unit with spacious deck to unwind with glass of wine by the fire pit while bbqing with family & friends.The river, restaurants, shops, & grocery store are within a mile.Enjoy wineries nearby & canoeing/kayaking on the river.Canoes on site are not to be used by guests.Burke’s Canoes & Johnson’s Beach offer canoe&kayak rentals. There are 4 parking spaces outside of gate about 20ft from stairs.Please respect your neighbors & abide by quiet hours 10 pm to 7am.

There are 2 units on the property (upstairs / downstairs) each with private separate living spaces, entrances, kitchens, bathrooms, sleeping rooms, yards, hot tubs, and relaxing areas! Please take into consideration there are stairs to get to the front door and living space of this upstairs unit.

Outside the gate, there are 4 parking spaces for your unit to use and 4 parking spaces for the other on-site downstairs unit. Check in time is 3pm or after. Checkout time is 10am

~Toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, pots, pans, dishes, bowls, glassware, cooking utensils, knives, cutting boards, silverware, toaster, and coffee maker are provided. Please bring your own coffee, creamer, sugar, food items, body soap, shampoo and conditioner, as everyone has their own preference and they are not provided. Also, there is a Safeway about a mile away for all of your shopping needs.

Villa Cabernet has 4 sleeping rooms, one bedroom has 1 king bed. The second and third bedrooms both have queen beds. There is a bonus sleeping room off the kitchen with two twin beds, with curtain (no door). There are two full bathrooms, one inside a bedroom (no door, other than the bedroom door) and one in the hall.

There’s a total of 4 rooms w/ beds...
1- King
1- Queen
1- Queen
Bonus room - 2 twin beds ( no door - has curtains to add privacy and open plan )

Two full bathrooms...
1 - with bathtub and shower
1 - private in master bedroom with oversized soaking bathtub ~ toilet and bathtub are on suite inside the bedroom without a bathroom door. Bedroom has a door.

Complementary Wi-Fi is provided that is suitable for checking emails and web surfing. However, due to a remote location, if you are planning on doing work or video conferencing we recommend you bring your own hotspot.

Large spacious deck with fire pit, bbq, dining table and heat lamps. Propane provided.
~The outdoor dining table seats 6 to 8. There are six chairs at the table with two additional chairs in the brown box on the deck.

Private hot tub in the backyard is serviced weekly.

Enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine sitting on the porch swings or relaxing by the fire pit.

Burks Canoe -( less than 10 miles up river ) offers a pleasant day/afternoon of canoeing/kayaking down the beautiful Russian River. ( Even a public buss ride 10 minutes gets you there).
Nearby Johnson’s beach also offers canoe/kayak rentals.

There are 40-50 Sonoma Wineries all with-in 2-3 miles of the Lodge.

The river and downtown Guerneville, with restaurants, bars, and grocery store, are less than a mile away.

The Property Management/Landlord are not responsible for acts of nature such as PG&E power outages, fire, flood, earthquake, etc., emergency evacuations. Refunds will not be given if a guest has already checked in and their stay is interrupted due to one of these acts of nature, as they are beyond our control.

Maximum Overnight Occupancy. The maximum overnight occupancy for this vacation rental is __12___ persons, not including children under three (3) years of age.
Maximum Number of Day Guests and Visitors. The maximum number of registered guests and their visitors allowed during the day is __18__ persons. This limit does not apply to children under three (3), nor does it apply on Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas.

Additional rules
By booking this reservation, you agree to the additional policies, terms, and conditions below.


- Due to local laws or HOA requirements, guests must be at least 21 years of age to book. Guests under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the duration of the reservation.
- No dog(s) are welcome in this home. No other animals are allowed without specific Management approval.
- The property shall not be used by more than the number of adults and children listed in your reservation.
- All guests shall abide by Owners good neighbor policy and shall not engage in illegal activity. Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
- If early check-in is available for your reservation, you will be notified by 9am on the morning of your arrival by email. Late check-out is offered whenever possible for a small fee.
- No smoking of any kind is permitted anywhere on the premises.
- No commercial photography or filming is permitted on the property. Tents or other structures may not be erected.
- Renter is liable for any damage to the property and agrees to accept charges to the card on file should damage occur during occupancy.
- Permit ID: 3616N -

- Due to local laws, regulations, or Homeowner Association rules, guests may be required to agree to additional terms of service.
- Property Specific terms: DAMAGE WAIVER


How to Report Damage
Please report accidental damage as soon as it occurs so we can assess and minimize the extent of the damages. To report accidental damage, please call the Owner.

Damage Waiver Additional Terms and Conditions
The Damage Waiver only covers damage that occurs during the authorized rental period and that Renter or an authorized guest reports PRIOR TO CHECK OUT.
The Damage Waiver does not cover intentional damage or damage caused by smoking, pets or other animals brought onto the Property, or criminal activity.
The Damage Waiver does not cover damage to any structure other than the Property covered by your confirmed, non-fraudulent reservation.
Renter is responsible for any accidental damage that exceeds $2,000. Damages for covered claims in excess of $2,000 or for uncovered claims will be charged to the Renter’s credit card.
The Damage Waiver program is provided and administered by Vacasa and is not an insurance policy. The Damage Waiver does not provide liability coverage and does not cover vehicles or guest personal items.

Certain jurisdictions, resorts, and specific homes require renters to agree to additional terms and conditions (“Unit-Specific Terms”). If any provision of the Unit-Specific Terms differs from the general provisions of the Owners Terms, the provision of the Unit-Specific Terms will control.


A. Minimum Age. The “Minimum Age” to rent the Property is the age specified in any Unit-Specific Terms. If no age is specified in the Unit-Specific Terms, the Minimum Age is 21 years of age (or the minimum age required by law in the jurisdiction where the Property is located, if different). You agree to provide us with proof of age upon request. A parent or legal guardian must accompany all guests who are under the Minimum Age for the entire duration of the rental.

B. Maximum Occupancy; Responsible Renter. The Property shall not be used by more than the number of adults and children listed in your reservation without Owners advance written permission. As the Renter, you agree to be an occupant of the Property for the entire duration of the rental, and that all other occupants will be family members, friends, other responsible adults over the Minimum Age, or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (such family members, guests, and invitees collectively, “Occupants”).

C. Good Neighbor Policy. Because the Property is a privately owned home, all Occupants must comply with this good neighbor policy:
- Please treat the Property with the same care you would use with your own residence and leave it in the same condition it was in when you arrived.
- To prevent theft of or damage to furnishings or your personal property, you agree to close and lock doors and windows when you are not present at the Property and upon check-out.
- You and other Occupants agree to conduct yourselves throughout your stay in a manner that is respectful of and not disruptive to neighbors, traffic flow, or the community and that will not prompt complaints to Owners from police, neighbors, or neighborhood or homeowner associations.
- Noise audible outside the Property is prohibited between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.
- You and other Occupants agree to abide by all applicable parking restrictions and limitations.

D. No Smoking. No smoking is permitted at the Property (including porches, decks or outdoor areas) at any time.

E. No Permanent Residence. You agree that your use of the Property is on a temporary and transient basis only; that you may not use the Property as a permanent residence; and that your permanent residence is and will remain elsewhere than at the Property.

F. Animals. No animals or pets of any kind are permitted at the Property except (1) as specifically authorized in your reservation, or (2) bona fide service animals that we are required by law to allow. Emotional support animals are not permitted except as authorized pets. You agree that a prohibition on animals is not a guarantee than an animal has not been inside the Property or that the Property is free of animal or pet allergens.

G. Events and Commercial Photography; Structures; Charcoal Grills. Events and commercial photography or filming are prohibited at the Property without our express written permission. (If approved, additional conditions and fees may apply.) No tents or other structures may be erected on the property without our express written permission. The use of charcoal grills is not permitted.

H. Criminal Activity Prohibited. Use of the Property for any criminal activity is prohibited and may result in fines, prosecution, and/or your immediate removal from the Property. This prohibition extends to use of the Property’s internet service, if any, for criminal activity, including but not limited to unlawful downloads of copyrighted material, including movies, music, software, or other material. We may cooperate with any investigation of alleged criminal activity that occurred at the Property during your stay.

I. Consequences of Breach; Charges for Damage. Any failure by you or any other Occupants to comply with any of the terms, conditions, or policies above is a breach of these Owners Terms and may result in a forfeiture of your rights to rent the Property, up to and including immediate removal from the Property without refund and with or without the assistance of law enforcement. Owner may terminate your occupancy of the Property for breach, and if you are notified of such termination you agree to leave the Property immediately. In addition, subject to Airbnb’s damage claim policies, you are responsible for (1) any damage or loss that occurs at the Property during your stay; (2) a charge of up to $1,000 for violations of the pet policy, including for bringing more pets or different types of pets than specifically authorized; (3) an additional cleaning fee of up to $500 (or the actual cost of cleaning services, if greater) for violations of any of the guest policies above (other than the pet policy) or for excessive cleaning required by the acts or omissions of any Occupant during your stay; and (4) any fines issued by police, other government officials or agencies, utility providers, and/or homeowner associations for violation of any law, ordinance, or rule during your stay, and any damages (which may exceed the amount of fines) that result from the violation. If any unauthorized download of copyrighted material via the Property’s Internet service occurs during the period of your stay, you agree that we may obtain and share your contact information with the internet service provider or any other party we believe, for any reason, has enforcement rights.

J. Early Check-In/Late Check-Out. Early check-in or late check-out may be available; additional charges may apply. If you do not vacate by check-out time (or late check-out time as agreed by Owner ), you authorize us to charge a late departure fee of up to one night’s rental and we may remove all Occupants and their personal property from the Property.

K. Maintenance or Housekeeping Issues; Property Conditions. The Property is provided as is, and we are not responsible for the inoperability or unavailability of any amenities. You agree to contact Owner , using the contact information provided in your confirmation email, as soon as you notice any maintenance or housekeeping problem, or any potentially hazardous condition, at the Property, or if any incident occurs at the Property that is related to such a problem or condition. You further agree to give Owners a reasonable amount of time to respond to your report and to cooperate with Owners efforts to address the concern or provide a remedy. We will take reasonable and appropriate steps to remedy any reported problem as soon as practicable. We may enter the Property at your invitation to remedy any problem you report, at reasonable times and with reasonable notice to inspect, maintain, or repair the Property, and to address any situation that we reasonably deem an emergency that threatens persons or property. You acknowledge that if the Property has access to amenities that are shared with other properties, such as a shared pool, hot tub, parking lot, or fitness center, that the availability and condition of those amenities is outside Vacasa’s control.

L. Choice of Law; Jurisdiction and Venue; Dispute Resolution.

L.1. Choice of Law. Unless otherwise specified in any Unit-Specific Terms or if a different choice of law is required by the law of the jurisdiction in which the Property is located: If the Property is outside Europe, these Owners Terms shall be governed by laws of the State of Oregon, U.S.A, without regard to its conflict-of-law provisions. If the Property is in Europe, these Owners Terms shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland, without regard to its conflict-of-law provisions.

L.2. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Agreement: United States. If (a) your claim against Owner relates in any way to a reservation for or stay at a Property located in the United States, or (b) you bring any other claim against Owner in the United States (to the extent permitted by these Owners Terms or the Airbnb Terms) (any such dispute, claim, or controversy under either (a) or (b) a “US Claim”), then you agree to resolve the US Claim as follows:

a. Agreement to Arbitrate. You and Owner mutually agree that any US Claim will be settled by binding arbitration rather than in court, such arbitration to be conducted by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) under its Consumer Arbitration Rules, or such other AAA arbitration rules that the AAA decides to be applicable to a specific dispute, that are in effect as of the time of service of an arbitration demand. Payment of filing, administration and arbitrator fees will be governed by the AAA's rules. To begin an arbitration, a party must send a letter to the other party requesting arbitration and describing the claim. If Vacasa requests arbitration, it will send the letter to your most recent email or physical address in Owners records. If you request arbitration, you must send the letter to Owners registered agent in the state in which the Property you reserved or stayed at is located, or if the dispute does not involve a reservation for or stay at a specific property, to Owner registered agent in the state of Oregon.

b. Place of Arbitration. The arbitration shall take place in the county in which the Property is located, or in Portland, Oregon, if the dispute does not involve a reservation for or stay at a specific property, or in such other location as you and Vacasa may mutually agree.

c. Exceptions to Arbitration Requirement. As the only exceptions to the agreement to submit all US Claims to binding arbitration as provided herein, Owner and Renter both retain the right to pursue: (1) in small claims court in the county in which the Property is located (or if the dispute does not involve a reservation for a specific property, the small claims court for Multnomah County, Oregon), any claim that is within that court’s jurisdiction, and the parties consent to the personal jurisdiction and venue of such court; and (2) a suit in any court with jurisdiction to enjoin (whether by temporary, preliminary, or permanent injunctive relief) infringement or other misuse of intellectual property rights.

L.3. Dispute Resolution: Outside the United States.
Europe: If you are a resident of Europe and your claim relates in any way to a reservation for or stay at a Property located in Europe, you and Owner consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts in Zurich or Zug, Switzerland. If applicable law prohibits exclusive jurisdiction over your claim in Switzerland, then you and Vacasa agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts in Zurich or Zug, Switzerland, or your jurisdiction of residence.
Outside Europe: If your claim relates in any way to a reservation for or stay at a Property located outside of Europe or the United States, you and Vacasa agree to bring any action in the courts of the country in which the Property is located, or in such other location and forum as you and Owner may mutually agree.

L.4. Class Action and Jury Trial Waiver. You and owner agree that any dispute resolution proceedings will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class, consolidated or representative action. If for any reason a claim proceeds in court rather than in arbitration, you and Vacasa waive any right to a jury trial.


N. Indemnity. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Owner, and their respective affiliates, for and from all claims for property damage, personal injury, or monetary loss resulting from your actions or omissions, and the actions or omissions of other Occupants, during or relating to your stay.

O. Substitution of Property. On rare occasions, due to ownership changes, properties being removed from rental use, or a need for extensive repairs or maintenance, the Property may not be available for rental on the dates of your reservation and Vacasa may have to cancel your booking. In this unlikely event, rebooking shall be subject to the Airbnb Terms for booking modifications.

P. Assignment. Owner may assign these Terms or any of its rights, or delegate any of its duties under these Terms, at any time without your consent.

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4,69 out of 5 stars from 72 reviews


Kur būsite jūs

Guerneville, California, Jungtinės Valstijos

Awesome Lodges then a mile from town amazing restaurants and bars !

Svečius priima Cindy & Bill

  1. Prisijungė 2011 m. rugsėjis
  • 278 atsiliepimai
  • Tapatybė patvirtinta
Im a local that loves to get out to the country and enjoy the beautiful Russian River area and all that it has to offer.

Šeimininko pagalbininkai

  • Cindy

Viešnagės metu

Im available 24/ 7
  • Kalba: English
  • Greitų atsakymų rodiklis: 100%
  • Atsakymo laikas: per valandą
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