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6 svečiai, 2 miegamieji, 6 lovos, 2,5 vonios
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The house is located directly on the sea, consisting of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen, living room.
It overlooks a private courtyard garden from where you can access the beach wing.

The house is located directly on the sea , consisting of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen, living room .
It overlooks a courtyard garden where you can access the beach wing .
The Accommodation
For rent new holiday home, very well furnished , located directly on the sea
• E ' newly built and very well furnished , with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen, living room , TV in all rooms and WiFi
• The house is on the ground floor , a courtyard , from where you can access the beach , with private access
• They are available to customers : 1 Parking uncovered , basket ball , volley ball court , 2 bikes
Baby equipment: baby changing table , baby bath, playpen, stroller
Benefits: Direct access to the beach,
• Extension: Receive up to 6 persons Surface area: 80m ²
Interior layout: 2 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms, 1 shower room, 2 washroom, living room 25m ², american style kitchen Sleeps: 2 double beds, 1 sofa bed, 2 single beds, 1 bunk bed , 1 cot
• facilities: TV, VCR, DVD player, video games, internet access, wifi (free), wardrobe, cupboard , fan, Drapes, Double glazed , remote controlled gates
• Crockery / cutlery, utensils and pots and pans , coffee maker, espresso machine , juicer, kitchen , gas cooker , oven, extractor hood, fridge , freezer, washing machine
• Outside : Private courtyard 80m ², garden with table and chairs
Outside amenities: BBQ , parasol, hammock, swing, slide and children's play
• Environment & location : GPS coordinates in degrees , minutes, seconds : Latitude 38 ° 8'36 "N - Longitude 14 ° 43'31 " E ( Dwelling )
• Leisure activities less than 3 km : scuba diving, water skiing , jet skiing , surfing, windsurfing , sailing, canoeing, tennis , polo , pathway, coastal / forest paths , mountain bike trail , Microlights , Aviation Club , boat trips, horse trecking, mini -golf , go-karting , RC modeling track , RC aeromodelling field , basketball, volleyball , clay pidgeon shooting , fishing, fishing , spear fishing , pétanque field
• Attractions and relaxation: Bar / pub, discotheque , restaurant, cinema , open air cinema , karaoke , park and garden , leisure park , zoo / animal park , sea world, nature reserve , exhibition center , art gallery , historical site, museum , theater, summer theater, antiques & bric-a -brac, crafts, cellar and wine tasting , race track, park adventure
• Location : Eastern 200m Local stores 1,5 km - Supermarket 200m High class and luxury 1.5 km Hairdressing salon 800m Post Office 500m 800m Bank ATM 1.5 km Medical Pharmacy 500m 1km 15km Hospital Outpatient
access Visitors
Garden, beach , parking, use of bicycles , wifii
More Things to Highlight
Documents will be required on arrival to all guests for registration, which will be returned immediately.

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Capo D'orlando, Messina - Sicily, Italija

The district
Geographically Capo d'Orlando lies on the northern coast of Sicily, with the view of the Aeolian Islands, between Cape Calavà and Cefalu.

The landscape and the views
 There are at least three points, almost astronomical observatories, from which you can enjoy the view of the picturesque landscape that Capo d'Orlando has to offer. The first from Scafa high, gaze dominates the blue sea, the bay and the port, you glimpse a view of the village S. Gregory, go beyond, the stacks, still coves, the cone downwards Cape; right, almost on the horizon the silhouettes of the Aeolian Islands, Lipari and Vulcano with almost attacked, Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi far. A Catutè high, the fortresses of Sciamma, the other point. Sitting, left a view that stretches up to the Rock of Cefalu, downward domains all the green of the Plains and the extension of the village citizen until the foothills of the Cape, and even the Aeolian Islands and you spot, between Vulcano and Lipari, Panarea , and also the right Capo Milazzo. How to sum up, if you get in the top of the head, 360 degree experience the beautiful vistas of Capo d'Orlando.E the morphological structure and geology of the Cape, on top of which stand the Sanctuary with the remains of the walls of the fortification the castle, then, is unique even from a scientific perspective: "flysch of Capo d'Orlando" were called stratification cross sandstone rock, unfortunately subject to the slow but inexorable erosion by water and wind. On the north-west of the Cape, from the third last flight of stairs after a recent planting of eucalyptus trees, a path that, for a dense pine forest, leading the way down, to the lighthouse. On other fronts, shrubs and Mediterranean.

 The population
Capo d'Orlando has about 13,000 inhabitants, which tripled during the summer, by virtue of the presence in residences, apartments and hotels, thousands of tourists who stay there.

However, throughout the year the city is a point of reference throughout the hinterland to the vibrancy, diversity and elegance of the shops, for the many students who attend various secondary schools, for meeting places, recreation and entertainment offering many public houses.

The sea, the sea bed and fauna

The sea is the element of life-giving energy and the fantastic setting of this small town: a few meters from every part of the town to be on the beach of sand and gravel that extends for several kilometers in a perfectly straight with the vision of the Aeolian Islands. Exposure to winds, currents, water exchange continuously, make the sea of ​​Capo d'Orlando ideal for bathing at least five months a year, from May to September. The beach, then, has two distinctive features: long, wide and sandy stretch in front of the town; sandy coves, stretches of cliffs and rocks to the east of the Cape, to the village S. Gregory, the port, Head of Monaco. Right here, at a depth of no more than i10 meters, the luckiest and most skilled can make some cerniotta game bag and some pretty good bream, hidden in burrows and crevices of the rock. Moving out to sea, at a distance of circa400 metridalla shore, we find "'u Scogghiu du zu Petru" and, in the depths of 12 -15 meters, sea bream and sea bass in considerable number, some groupers and octopuses discrete dimensioni.A San Gregorio , just in front of the Hotel "The Turtle", to circa500 metrial off, in10 metridi bottom, it is a flat rock with numerous cracks where bream of all sizes roam calm and confident. Continuing along the beach the bottom side loses interest while hunting becomes full of ideas for fans of underwater photography; play of light and shadows along the walls of rocks, small caves and tunnels covered with urchins and small branches of gorgonie.Giunti up to the lighthouse from the cliffs called "canaleddi", begins the most interesting for divers: it is the cliff of "ants" that starting from the ground continues, heading north-west to a500 metrial off, to die on a sandy bottom of circa20 meters. From the beginning it affects the large movement of fish, especially bream of good size, that enlivens the backdrop. Finning to sea, suddenly they begin to appear the first groupers; the behavior is always the same: a few seconds to spark and then off, like lightning, in spacche dark and deep; It is the penalty, so the help of a good flashlight. A circa300 metridalla beach emerges the first "swarming" with a split center where, in the early morning and at sunset, you can undermine bass of good size. From this point on the seabed may be pleasantly surprised, both for the large amount of white fish and burrow for the presence, in times of step, of amberjack, sea bass and sea bream reaching a respectable weight of oltre40 Kg. In the end between 3 and i6 metrii amateurs can enjoy the many mullets. Also in this stretch of sea fans of photography and filming, they can indulge themselves in competition shots by exploiting the effects that light creates through the tunnels and cracks that fill up the bottom three Formicole. A fans dell'Ara (Auto Air respirator, the so-called cylinders ed) recommend diving on the reef 27, a dry so named for the backdrop in which you find that is 27 steps of water; this is a true paradise of flora and fauna underwater where you can see performances of underwater life that we recall from Folco Quilici. A minor detail: we are in Sicily and elsewhere in Polynesia!


CAPO D'ORLANDO originates from an ancient Sicilian town called "Agatirno" from the name of its founder, son of Aeolus, founded at the time of the Trojan War (1218 BC). Its existence is attested both by historians and ancient geographers (Diodorus, Pliny, Ptolemy ......) and by modern scholars including Meli and Fazello.

The ancient city was to include, in addition to the area of ​​the promontory and part of today's city center, the districts of S. Martino, Certari, Catutè, S. Gregory and Scafa. E 'likely that the extension of the city and the development of its civilization from the immediate hills in ancient times, have been extended to the coast and the promontory with the arrival of the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans.

The Consul Levino nel209 BC is tied a dark and dramatic episode of its history: the deportation of about 4,000 men in Calabria, "society composed of thieves, criminals and outcasts," says Livy.

The Damiano, in his essay "Nebrodi, Val Demon, Agatirno, mysteries of ancient history" recently gave a shocking interpretation of the episode. It 'possible that Agatirno was the center, in the Nebrodi, the Dionysian cult and that these rites were poorly tolerated by the Romans, who found an excuse to deport the ancient Orlandini.

Meanwhile Agatirno testimonies have come to light at different times: in the last century found a marble tombstone of Roman in the current urban center (Villa Cangemi) together with grave goods proving the existence of a necropolis; other tombs, skeletons and phitos came to light in 1980 and in 1989 during the excavation work being Letizia.

 The most significant finding came to light in February 1986 in the village of Bagnoli, adjacent to the port building, there were remains of a spa area that is part of an ancient Roman Villa.

 As Agatirno has, at the time of the coming of the Normans, passed the name of Capo d'Orlando is still an issue shrouded in mystery and legend.

Goffredo da Viterbo, chaplain of Charlemagne, attests that it was the French emperor to call the Cape in honor of its famous champion.

It is not excluded that "Agatirno", considered pagan name was deleted by the Normans too tied to the Church of Rome.

On 4 June 1299, the sea of ​​Capo d'Orlando was the scene of a tremendous battle between two brothers contending the Aragonese throne of Sicily: Giacomo and Federico.

The destruction of the castle on the promontory is linked, a century later, the episode of the siege suffered by Baron Bartholomew Aragon by Bernardo Cabrera Count of Modica, speditovi by King Martino.

There are reports of pirate raids on the shores orlandini in 1589 and in September 1594, and the tower of the head, continued to accommodate guards in weapons that provided the sighting of the Algerian pirates.

The erection of the Sanctuary (1600) built on the ruins of the castle, however, is linked to the discovery of a tiny statue of the Madonna, who became the patron saint of Capo d'Orlando.

Meanwhile, in the lands of Malvern, from the fifteenth century, it had established the culture of "cannamele". In defense of crops and associated trade by Barons of Naso it was erected a tower with associated works fortilizie and an oil mill for processing sugar.

In the area of ​​St. Gregory, however, it was planted a trap, which covered the stretch of sea between Capo d'Orlando and Cape Calavà.

In the mid-1800s, the slopes north-west of the cape, it formed the nucleus of the new urban center mainly inhabited by fishing families, while in the Plains to the cultivation of mulberry trees and vines began to graft the citrus fruit, in particular that of lemons, which until now has been one of the pillars of the economy Orlandina.

Construction of SS 113 Messina-Palermo, and the SS 116 Capo d'Orlando - Randazzo and the completion of the railway in the territory Orlandino in 1895, allowed a considerable development of trade citrus, as well as the beginning of a growing economic development and urban planning.

At the beginning of this century it was born the first feelings of autonomy from the Municipality of Naso, who was granted after a long series of popular demonstrations, with L. June 25, 1925 n. 1170.

On 27 September 1925 it was inaugurated the new City of Capo d'Orlando.

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