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Tiny Pine Tree Cabin camping

4,98(53 atsiliepimai)SuperšeimininkasRye, New Hampshire, Jungtinės Valstijos
Namelis medyje. Šeimininkas: Stefania
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Nature connect, unplug, simplify... relax! Camp with birds, books, lanterns, blankets, snacks, stars, open outdoor spaces, spring “peepers” and maybe coyote night howls. Did you know that we actually share DNA with trees? Time with them is scientifically beneficial to our well being. Plus, it’s fun to stay in a treehouse :) We are a short drive to the ocean, restaurant variety, and historic lore. Lots to explore via nearby trails n towns too. Tiny PineTree Cabin is yours for a little adventure!

The tree cabin is outfitted with camping comforts such as blankets, lanterns, pocket warmers, and in season, a rechargeable electric blanket :)
The cabin is not otherwise equipped with heat, electricity or plumbing. (=camping:)

A 2 minute walk to the house guest area however, offers most “modern” amenities you might need...

The house guest room, bathroom, deck, and partial yard are not shared with anyone else during your stay.
Inside the guest room is a minifridge, keurig, snacks, and a binder with eats and entertainment suggestions. (There are so many good restaurants around here, and forts to explore, Portsmouth town to walk about, and of course the beach.)
Also here you can borrow the cooler, (ask for an ice pack), canteen or thermos, charge your devices, and store extra gear or food.
WiFi is available at the house, and the room is heated.
A 4th sleeper could rest here, if not in the tree cabin.
(FYI, host lives on site, in the house connected to your guest room.)

Attached to the house guest room, is a small indoor bathroom with shower, tub, fresh towels, soap and shampoo. This is the private WC for your use during your tree cabin stay.

The semi private deck at the back of the house is yours to hang out on, seats and tables al fresco.

Alas, we cannot have open fires by the tree cabin, (conservation land rules.)
No smoking anywhere on the property please.

However, you are quite welcome to use the fire pit by the deck at the house.
A few marshmallows, and sticks for toasting included! Matches and some kindling are here. You can pull as much as you want from the brush pile at the edge of the woods. (Some guests choose to have a fire using just the free brush pile and woods drop findings.)
You can pick up some firewood at the store, or buy some here.
The house fire pit has a basic grill addition.
Or, you can purchase and try out an eco friendly biodegradable mini grill.
There is no open flame involved with the mini grill, so you CAN use it OUTSIDE at the tree cabin.
(These are $18, and a new idea we are trying out. (You’ll have to let us know if you think they are worth it :)

Now, the real reason you are here...
It is a 2 minute walk down the lane, to the Tiny Pine Tree Cabin!

The lane is relatively wide and flat, and lined with stones our farming family pulled out of the earth as they created their fields. There is a little red wagon available to help transport your gear.

The cabin is 6x12’ inside, with 3-5ft wide decks. It stands in a small cove of trees close to the the lane, on the edge of 200 collective acres of conservation land. 1 side deck is forest facing - trees only, the others also see field, fence, lane, occasional trail walkers afar, or evidence of quiet human habitation.

Underneath / near the cabin you’ll find a picnic table, swing, horseshoes, netless badminton, tetherball, and hooks to hang the hammocks. Brought a tent? You could pitch it here.

A solid set of narrow tread stairs with railings brings you 8ft up to the door. A sun dappled open deck on 3 sides of the cabin allows ample space to sit amongst the trees with provided camp chairs.

Inside, a tiny, simple, pine walled, not insulated, well equipped, nice little room.
Here reside a couple comfortable canvas chairs, folding stools, small moveable tables, cot, blanket trunk, and a kitchen corner with tin plates, bowls and mugs, bottle opener, napkins, towels, and plasticware.
(In Spring and Fall there may be a way to get a boost of heat out there, or warm up some water for a morning cabin tea or hot chocolate :)
Also available in the cabin: battery and solar lights, flashlight, extra blankets, umbrella, bug spray, broom, hand sanitizer, basic first aid kit, board games and cards, sketching materials, radio, wildlife log and identifications, books, and binoculars.
Windows on all walls let in lots of light, and 3 at floor level can be opened to screens and breezes.

The sleeping loft is reached via a solid but narrow ladder, and small hatch. There are 4 single, cloth covered, adult size camping mats up there, doubled up for extra comfy. Loft best sleeps 2. Fresh / clean 100% cotton sheets and pillow cases, and pillows provided, comforter, with extra blankets in the trunk. Nice green tree views out of the big glass windows up there. This is a crawl on your knees space some can sit up in at the peak. A small fan may be up there for you too in Summer.
There is a large, new, 1 person canvas / springs cot with a memory foam mat for sleeping (or sitting :) on the main floor, also with bedding as needed.
(An additional 4th sleeper can be accommodated by... squeezing 3 in the loft if at least 1-2 are kids, your own outdoor tent, guest bedroom for one in the main house, or, most popular, taking the mat off the cot and using it temporarily on to the cabin rug /floor.)
So accommodations can sleep a total of 4 guests, dependent on how “cozy” you want to be.
(Note... If you want to bring your own, pillowcases, and sheets or sleeping bag, that’s $5 off for each guest :)

There are multiple 15-45-90 min, looping trails you can explore that are walkable from the cabin, and a good variety more just a short drive way. Plus, of course the beach!

Now that’s things to do, things to see, places to chill, local info, and snacks and drinks and books and games and decks and beaches and trails and tales and tails and all the gear and beds and blankets, fire, WC, and one tree cabin for you!

PS: We cannot accommodate your canine companion, but all humans ages 6+ are welcome.

We take it seriously, and use all the precautions.
Treehouse camping is available for socially distanced adventures.
(Host has been practicing masked social distancing since mid March 2020, and by May 1st, 2021, fully vaccinated.) Will greet you from a distance. You will keep back 6 feet please :)
CDC recommends 24 hours between guests last we checked, so we provide at least twice that. All is cleaned by me with a mask on, and sanitized before you arrive of course, with extra attention to high touch surfaces like handles, switches, arm rests. All dishes are put through the dish washer. All bed linens changed out after each guests of course. No spaces are shared at the same time as the host.
Anti bacterial soap, hot water, hand sanitizer, and surface wipes will be available to you.
We trust and expect you will be safe, responsible, mask wearing travelers when out exploring in public places too.

1) before arrival shall attest that they are not experiencing any possible covid symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has had them or tested positive in the past week.
2) Follow State & CDC guidelines during your stay, wear appropriate PPE, practice social distancing, etc.

Thank for your patience, understanding, and safety for you and others.

Happy Trails!

Svečio prieiga
Cabin, as well as parking, main building guest area, deck, bathroom, and all within are yours during your stay, and not shared at the same time with the host or any other guests.
You are welcome to walk the trails from the tree cabin.

Kiti svarbūs dalykai
Children 6 and older are welcome.

Just a reminder... There is heat, electricity, plumbing and WiFi in the guest area, but not in the cabin. (In season, there IS a portable battery you can use to plug in an electric blanket, or a temporary heater!)

Please conserve water, and energy, turn off heaters, fans, lights, AC, when not on site.

No bathroom facilities are at the cabin, they are a 2 minute walk to the house.

BYO beach towel :)

No open flames at the cabin are permitted, but use of the fire pit by main building is welcome!

Evening deck and fire conversations...
Quiet please by 10pm.

No smoking, or vaping,
ANYWHERE on the property please.

Please don’t litter on the property or on any of the trials we share.

Watch your food traces... we don’t want the cabin to be a happy place for ANTS or other creatures!

Please keep in mind also that this is a mostly camping experience :)
You are adventuring a little bit in the woods, and all that comes with, weather, seasons, temperatures, trees, earth, wildlife. There will be some seasonal bugs. Also, did I mention? Quite a variety of temperatures!
And, the occasional deer, fox, turkey, bat or hawk sighting, and coyote howl or owl hoot :)

There are 2 friendly dogs on the house property. We can keep them off your radar if needed.
Alas, we can not accommodate yours.

We love this little treehouse. We trust you will treat it, and the land surrounding, with love and respect too :)
Nature connect, unplug, simplify... relax! Camp with birds, books, lanterns, blankets, snacks, stars, open outdoor spaces, spring “peepers” and maybe coyote night howls. Did you know that we actually share DNA with trees? Time with them is scientifically beneficial to our well being. Plus, it’s fun to stay in a treehouse :) We are a short drive to the ocean, restaurant variety, and historic lore. Lots to explore via…

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4,98 out of 5 stars from 53 reviews



Rye, New Hampshire, Jungtinės Valstijos

We are easy to get to from all points North, South and West, close to beaches and quaint towns, and nearby to some great trails and conservation land.

Svečius priima Stefania

Prisijungė 2018 m. vasaris
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I love to stay and read on the deck, stroll down the lane with the dogs, get to the ocean off hours to walk in the water, or head in to Portsmouth for some entertainment and a bite. I think you might too! I also like to make art in the studio garage and try to grow a few vegetables. When I travel, and I have been fortunate enough to visit SO many places, I find the best memories are where I can stay and absorb the location / culture for a time. If I'm visiting your place, know that I am a quiet, clean and appreciative guest. If you are visiting mine, know that I am quiet, clean, and appreciative of my guests :)
I love to stay and read on the deck, stroll down the lane with the dogs, get to the ocean off hours to walk in the water, or head in to Portsmouth for some entertainment and a bite…
Viešnagės metu
I am happy to greet you and then leave you to your stay.
Usually I am around, or my neighbor next door.
You'll have my cell # if you need anything, best used instead of the Airbnb site. I will answer texts as promptly as possible 9am - 9pm.
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