Crescendo at Big White (ski resort)


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Crescendo - Luxury Ski Chalet Defined!

Crescendo is a 5200 sq ft smart home where, from conception to completion, every aspect was designed for both elegance and practicality. Our space may be configured for up to 6 bedrooms, perfectly suited for several families. This home has been meticulously designed with every luxury afforded to the guests who stay with us. It is unlike any Chalet you have ever stayed in before! This is where memories are made.

One of our guests posted the following about Crescendo after her stay. "I sent the architectural plans to St Peter, so when I get to heaven he will already have a start on my dream chalet." Crescendo, though, is not only a tribute to Architectural Genius, but Crescendo is also a Technological Masterpiece. Whether you’re technologically savvy or technologically challenged, you’ll be intrigued by the intuitive nature of Crescendo’s home automation systems.

When you arrive to Crescendo, merely touch “Hello," and the home awakens. Key lighting guides you through each room, and both the fireplace and the whole-house XM music automatically activate setting the ambiance while you settle in. You’ll enjoy experimenting with the touchscreens in each room, through which computer-integrated lighting, audio/video, and climate-control are all at your command.

The Aussie influence permeates Big White’s culture and, at Crescendo, “no worries” means “no worries.” During your stay, in fact, the temperature in each room is monitored remotely (via the internet), ensuring climatized stability and comfort at all times.

Crescendo’s systems, too, remain vigilant and at optimal levels, even when you may be operating less than optimally yourself. Arriving back to the home late at night on less than four cylinders? No worries. Crescendo predicts your movement, gently illuminating the way ahead of you, and slowly fading the lights behind you.

Being only about 100 yards from the main village, Crescendo's access to summer events (e.g., mountain biking, outdoor movie night) and to winter festivities, simply stated, Crescendo’s location at Big White is second to none. Regarding the latter, in fact, Crescendo is a true ski-in/ski-out ski chalet.

While each room captures views of the slopes and/or of the majestic Monashee Mountains, the views from the Great Room, from the Kitchen, and from the Dining Room are absolutely breathtaking. When cooking, dining, or relaxing, thirty feet of floor-to-ceiling windows provide unprecedented panoramas upon which the eye may endlessly feast. The master ensuite, which overlooks the Great Room, is advantaged by that same view.

Summer & Winter Amenities:

Clearly, the main course at Big White is the twenty-five feet of champagne powder that is served at Big White each year. We have been told by our guests, though, that Crescendo’s signature dish is, without doubt, our indoor-outdoor pool/Jacuzzi. As one guest so aptly noted, "The hot tub that is inside and that carries to the outside was brilliant in design and in effect. You will be the envy of all who ski by!"

With 1/2 of the pool indoors and 1/2 outdoors, one can access both areas by entering the pool from inside our Pool Room. To accommodate an outdoor excursion, nonetheless, the pool’s perimeter is heated to snow-melt temperatures.

The 12′ x 16′ pool is jetted and heats to Hot Tub temperatures (104 degrees Fahrenheit)! Each of the five separate pumps connects to three Jacuzzi jets: 9 jets on the inside portion and 6 jets on the outside portion. The three South jets massage your upper back; the three North jets massage your lower back; and the three East jets massage your feet. Six additional jets are outside at the West end, where your back and shoulders are massaged. Notably, activating any jetted function will not diminish the effectiveness of the other jets (another irritation found in non-custom hot tubs).

On an unrelated note – Do you know what the difference is between a Jacuzzi and a Hot Tub? Well, to be a Hot Tub,
- it must be set in California and
- the number of partyers must double the tub's recommended maximum.
Oh yeah, birthday suits only.

Well, that’s my take on it, anyway. In that light, then, at Crescendo we technically have a Jacuzzi. Besides, we actually do have “real” Jacuzzi jets. Also, Crescendo’s Jacuzzi is quite large, easily accommodating the home’s twenty-two person sleeping capacity.

Want to enjoy your friends near the Jacuzzi, but not in the Jacuzzi? Especially after the snow has melted, then, you'll appreciate that we’ve leveled, tiered, landscaped, and added seating to all of the areas around the Pool and Patios.

No Snow? No Problem! Staying at Crescendo is akin to being at your own private lodge. Skiers and non-skiers both rave about Crescendo’s entertainment options, which is why Crescendo is enjoyed by guests even outside of ski season. Crescendo’s Media Room, for example, is outstanding! The movie screen is 110”, with 7.1 surround sound (not to mention two 12” subwoofers). More than 1200 movie titles are at your fingertips, literally.

More than 1000 sq ft of pure fun, in fact, permeates our Rec Room/Game Room level, including one or more video gaming systems. Our video game library is stocked and ready for competing, for dancing, and for rocking-out!

From late spring through early fall, in fact, are my favorite times at Crescendo. Why? Well, just take a look at our Outdoor Play areas, where you'll find resort-like comfort. During the day, move freely between our pool and picnic table areas. Later, enjoy the sunset, seated around our gas-fired Fire Table.

Your chef, too, will enjoy the experience with you, as our new Grilling Station is fully integrated into that area. A 38” Napoleon Grill (that’s 42 hamburgers), built into and surrounded by granite-topped bar seating. With an abundance of counter space on either side of the grill, meals flow smoothly from grilling platters - to the grill - to serving platters.

The grilling station is a convenient extension of the nearby kitchen, so when it comes to providing an awesome gourmet experience, we’ve got you covered both inside and out.

Hiking & Biking:
It's arrived! Biking at Big White. Big White officially began constructing a world-class, lift-serviced mountain biking experience. The grand opening for their initial runs was August of 2017.

The trails have been master-planned by the industry's best. The authentic, grassroots biking adventure is available at ALL biking levels, for enduro, downhill, and freeride experiences.

Family flow trails provide feature rich learning environments, encouraging controlled trail speed. Expert and pro-level trails, though, are available to more experienced, more competitive, more aggressive riders.

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Professionally, Dr. Mitch Perlman is a Child Neuropsychologist. Primarily, he assesses special needs kids, so that they receive the compendium of educational and medical services required to reach their potential and lead enriched lives. As such, Dr. Mitch is involved in assessing some of the most fascinating individuals, and he has a knack for detecting and/or explaining things that have often gone unnoticed or that have been misunderstood. On a more personal note, Dr. Mitch has an incredible spouse, three wonderful adult children, and eight amazing grandchildren (I know, he looks, or at least acts, way too young to have grandkids). Dr. Mitch has also rescued/adopted two boys, Jax and Jake: both are Miniature Pinschers. Jax is the wild child: hence, his nickname, “Ritalin.” Jake is the more sedate (relative to the breed): hence, his nickname, “Prozac.” Dr. Mitch is additionally a foster parent for the Miniature Pinscher Rescue. Further, Dr. Mitch scuba dives, snowboards, races autos, has a pilot’s license; he loves glider planes, hang-gliding, and especially tunnel flying; and he is dying for the opportunity to be catapulted off a carrier on an F-14. What won’t he do? Jump off a high-diving board, claiming to be afraid of heights. Go figure.
Professionally, Dr. Mitch Perlman is a Child Neuropsychologist. Primarily, he assesses special needs kids, so that they receive the compendium of educational and medical services r…

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We are there for you: from booking through your entire stay. My property manager and my maintenance crew are nearby (i.e., on the mountain), and I (Mitch, owner) am available by email and by mobile phone. Additionally, I have internet access to almost all of Crescendo's systems and, as much as possible during your stay, I ensure that all of those systems are operating optimally.

We’re committed to making your vacation experience at Crescendo both spectacular and unforgettable. Please let us know how may we assist you in making that happen. We are extremely easy to reach (especially by email), so please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

In the meantime, it’s with great pleasure that we present for your enjoyment, Crescendo.

Mitch Perlman, Owner
We are there for you: from booking through your entire stay. My property manager and my maintenance crew are nearby (i.e., on the mountain), and I (Mitch, owner) am available by…
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