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Come stay in our village where time stands still and tourists are a rare treat. Using our handmade bamboo hut as your base camp, you can fill your days exploring the lovely lush countryside and watching the townspeople go about their daily tasks as their ancestors did before them. We are located right in the heart of town an easy walk from everything including shopping of local wares and very frequent and affordable public transportation to more adventures. Welcome to the tribal town of Dimow.

You'll be staying in one of our traditional handmade bamboo huts around an ORGANIC garden. The huts sit a few feet off the ground and accessible by bamboo ladder and equipped with fans.

The huts features a large covered porch with a a bamboo bench where you can lean back and enjoy the view across the farm lands of our river basin leading to the nearby jungled mountain range where many villagers trek to daily to gather any of the over 100 herbs and medicinal plants growing naturally here.

Most of our cows, pigs, piglets, goats and chickens are free range here meaning they live among us walking about our homes, streets and shops knowing to come home in the evenings because that's where they'll get fed. Our animals are not being fed factory bought feed but rather enjoy fresh "farm to table" local grown vegetables and grains just like we do.

The open-air bathroom is surrounded by a privacy bamboo screen and curtain where you can bathe yourself in our fresh mountain air on a beautiful hand built cobbled floor. We provide bar soaps for both personal and clothing washing for your convenience. An electric water heater if available if needed.

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Dimow, Assam, Indija

This is the perfect place to visit for those who long to experience real culture and learn how things were done before the rapid take over of modern technology. Enjoy living museums? Here you can have the feeling of being in one and also the rich traditions of true heartfelt hospitality. Our ways will likely seem quite primitive. This is a trip for the adventurous at heart who seek more than just sightseeing opportunities.

The village of Dimow has no street lights but considerable pedestrian traffic as locals come out most in traditional dress to do their daily shopping and business.

Signs are minimal as we all know where everything is but as you walk our streets and neighborhoods you will see that you can find book stores, print shops, "fast food" stalls where you can watch local specialties being made fresh, groceries, artisans, small cafes and more.

In the afternoons you will find many produce vendors appear and display the wide variety of local grown fruits and vegetables available to us as well as fresh meats; sometimes so fresh they're still alive and ready to be butchered at request. :)

Wednesday is Market Day, offering an especially vibrant opportunity to see into our lifestyle with many handmade items appearing for purchase including things like silk yarns (many here still grow their own worms and spin the silk themselves), assorted metal vessels, forged knives, handmade baskets and richly colored woven fabrics. Westerners and many Easterners alike find our wares highly affordable and greatly enjoy these shopping opportunities.

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My wife Tutu and I live in our traditional family home with my mother and other extended family members. I returned here to the village of my youth a few years ago with the passing of my father. Recently I, along with my wife and my siblings took on an ambitious endeavor to provide our village with a much needed elementary school with a focus on affordability and studies taught in English, the language that opens doors of opportunity throughout the world. We built this school on our family property next to our home and not far from our tropical handmade bamboo airbnb hut. It is also at the crossroad of our village making it in the heart of activity. The school opened February 2017 and immediately attracted 250 students, a large number for the size of our town. The parents and the village are excited about this new learning environment and the sounds of excited young students can be heard often on our property. This challenging project is a source of pride for both ourselves and Dimow. We also host international visitors who come to help at our school but seeing the faces of foreigners is still a very new experience for our locals. In addition to overseeing the affairs of the school, my wife is a local community health officer and I work for Samsung assisting their 4G rollout program. When we have the chance, our hobbies include trekking, cycling in the beautiful lovely local countryside and listening to both old and new western styles of music. Going for long rides and drives. We love meeting people from around the world and hope to travel globally ourselves some day. We hope that you will come and visit us to see this slice of paradise where time may seem to those from afar to stand still as we practice the ways of our ancestors. Welcome to Dimow.
My wife Tutu and I live in our traditional family home with my mother and other extended family members. I returned here to the village of my youth a few years ago with the passing…

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We take special delight in making all guests from all walks of life and backgrounds feel at home with us. If you prefer privacy, that is absolutely fine and you can enjoy your tropical stay with the comfort of knowing we are nearby should any questions or needs arise. As a multi-generational home, someone is always available to you.
We take special delight in making all guests from all walks of life and backgrounds feel at home with us. If you prefer privacy, that is absolutely fine and you can enjoy your trop…
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