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1st floor: kitchenette for breakfast, living room-living room, wardrobe room (changing table-games), 2 double bedrooms (1 bed 0-3 years old), 3 triples, 2 bathrooms;
Connected with an internal staircase: tavern (games fitness TV), kitchen, bathroom, shed, wood oven, garden, gazebo, fitness-games area, park
Check-In: 16-20 PM
Check-Out: by 10 AM
CITRA code: 009062-LT-0010

Via Gaiado, n. 18 - 17020 - Tovo San Giacomo (SV) - Italy

The Villa:

- it is located between Finale Ligure and Pietra Ligure. At the center of "bikers' paradise" and outdoor activities such as enduro, but also climbling and trial

- only 7 km from the Pietra Ligure sea, 8 km from Finale Ligure 6 from Colle del Melogno and 26 km from Alassio.

- it is surrounded by a private garden of over 500 m2 from which you can see the colors of the crystalline sea.

It is the ideal place for the family, but also for a group of friends who want to try their hand at the trails - for the more experienced - of Downhill or free climbing, all in a breathtaking and unique landscape that will give you the chance to pass in a few minutes from a seascape to a hilly one.

There are so many activities to do and places to visit ... You can certainly not miss the visit to the Caves of Borgio Verezzi, the most colorful tourist cave in Italy, thanks to the presence of various minerals.

Not far away (Ceriale) an aquatic park and an adventure park, perfect for the enjoyment of young and old.

At less than 70 km the magic of the Genoa aquarium (the largest in Europe) that will give you a unique and unforgettable experience.

In June, the "Pietra Ligure Olympic Triathlon" is organized, becoming one of the most popular events throughout Europe.

Room wardrobes with changing table, bottle warmer, games for children indoors

Outdoor fitness area with:
Swedish back, ropes, adult boxing-karate bag, kids boxing-karate bag, boxing gloves

Internal fitness area with:
elliptical, exercise bike, abdominal bench, multi-function bench with guided loads, dumbbells, fitness mat

Indoor play area:
table tennis, table football, table football, table football, playing cards, board games;

Outdoor play area:
basket with balls, soccer nets, darts, volleyball or badminton net (badminton), badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, soccer ball, 3 swings, 1 slide

Gazebo with garden furniture

n. 6 beach beds

Private parking for over 5-6 vehicles

Furthermore, bikes and e-bikes area with:
rack for 10 bikes and, under a large roof: light point for recharging batteries, pump to inflate the tires, tool kit for minor repairs, water pump and pressure washer, clothes hanger (coveralls, protections, helmets)

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Bardino Nuovo, Liguria, Italija


World reference site for outdoor activities.

Locality known to most, as well as for its beaches and the sea, as an international spot for sport climbing, for over a decade it has become a privileged meeting place for mountain bike enthusiasts, Italians and especially foreigners.

The beauty of the area, the variety of terrain and landscapes, have meant that here the ideal conditions for two-wheel hiking were created, as well as for the more extreme expressions of the discipline, TRAIL and DOWNHILL.

Thanks to the action of the workers in the area today there is a system of warning signs that accurately directs cyclists towards the desired directions, indicates travel times and difficulties, inviting respect for walkers who, just as numerous, they walk the paths.


If the bike is an integral part of your van, get ready to burn the 500 km of paths that cross the Mediterranean: single tracks on the sea, toboggan runs from the mountains to the coast, the tracks of the 24H Finale Ligure, the biggest 24H mountain bike competition European. Finale Ligure is also the arrival stage of the Enduro World Series world championship. Everything is fit for mtb: equipped accommodation facilities, washing facilities, sales and repair shops, guides for the ascent, downloadable GPS tracks and the Bike Park, an artificial wooden track for children and teenagers.

Thanks to the mild temperatures, with rare exceptions, it is also an open-air gym, one of the world destinations for plein air lovers, attracted by the variety of sports that can be practiced all year round:
- not just mountain bikes,
- but also:
- climbing,
- hiking and
- trekking,
- watersports,
- speleology,
- paragliding e
- hang gliding.

Nothing is missing to satisfy the desire for an active holiday!


And along the cycle paths you meet the free climbing gyms.

In fact, the area has 192 crags per 350 routes of all difficulty levels.

The areas with the highest density of white walls to climb are the Valle di Rian Cornei, the fortress of Perti, Monte Cucco and Boragni.

The walls on which free climbing is practiced are currently being expanded, reaching a maximum height of about 300 meters with varying degrees of difficulty. Four of these overlook the sea and are particularly appreciated by Swiss and German climbers who, for years, have determined the highest percentage in terms of presences in the area.

The four cliffs overlooking the sea are included in the stretch of coast that from Varigotti reaches Noli, in the order the names of these walls are:
- Dancing Dalle,
- Easy Dalle,
- The pillars e
- Nolitude.

The most historic and popular walls are those of:
- Monte Cucco,
- Rocca di Perti e
- Rocca di Corno.

On average, starting from Finalborgo, all the climbing sectors can be reached in 10 or 15 minutes by car and about 20 minutes on foot.

You rarely get to walk along paths that take up to 40 minutes of walking.
The kind of climbing that can be found in Finale Ligure is mainly the one on vertical walls, even if there are no cliffs, roofs and plaques (ie more “supported” walls).

All the streets are equipped with rivets, like me, who voluntarily and by pure passion (and at their own expense) equip the walls, clean them from the ground, unstable brambles and boulders and take care of their maintenance over the years.


But the legs of outdoor sports enthusiasts can also be tested with TREKKING.

In fact, the reliefs near the sea are crossed by paths of various difficulty levels. Especially in the Altopiano delle Manie, a real natural terrace overlooking the sea that goes from Finale to Spotorno, where the pleasure of walking combines with the discovery of prehistoric caves such as the Arma delle Fate and the Grotta.

You can then reach Perti and the Montesordo valley, meeting the seventeenth-century Castello San Giovanni, Castel Gavone, a restored ruin castle from 1172 and a Renaissance church with five bell towers.

Another interesting excursion points towards the Val Ponci where, along the Via Iulia Augusta, there are five Roman bridges still passable and the spectacular Rocca di Corno cliff, another paradise for climbers.

In moments of relaxation you can indulge in a less demanding walk along the seafront: in fact, it is 5 kilometers from Finale Ligure to Varigotti, an ideal promenade for a quiet jog among palm trees and rocks set between the sea and mountains.


Finale Ligure, with the nearby Varigotti, Noli and Spotorno and Pietra Ligure and Loano, are the most popular Ligurian seaside resorts.

Also in this case the choice to train the muscles is vast:
- surf,
- windsurfing
- sup,
- sailing,
- diving,
- snorkeling,
- canoe,
- kayak,
whale watching (Finale is part of the Sanctuary of the Cetaceans, where, by boat trips you can try to spot whales and dolphins).

Always on the coast:
- paragliding e
- hang gliding,
it takes off from the Altopiano delle Manie and lands at authorized points on the beaches of Finale and Varigotti.

In Finale Ligure, at the end of September, the FLOW FESTIVAL takes place: ten days of sports and outdoor activities with shows, competitions, rehearsals, stands, the latest trends in terms of biking, climbing, caving, running, trekking, sailing, sup and canoe.

This great celebration for adults and children aims to introduce the vocation of the Finale area to welcome enthusiasts and curious of these disciplines en plein air.

During the event, spectators have the opportunity to attend competitions and contests, but they are also and above all active protagonists, thanks to the chance to touch the news of the sector, to face an exciting climb or a thrilling descent for the first time. cave, to approach the sporting discipline that they have always wanted to know through the help of available experts.

Numerous possibilities of rehearsals also for children, for which meetings are organized for approaching the outdoor sector such as cycle tracks on the beach with track tracks or the children's sailing school.

And to make matters worse, the famous final stage of the Enduro World Series, the Enduro world championship that, starting from New Zealand, ends between the cliffs and the Finale sea, is also held in the Flow Festival.

Do not miss the villages among the most beautiful in Italy, such as, for example:

In the Finalese there is a dense presence of countries of the circuit "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". It starts from the same Finale Ligure, divided into three nuclei: Finalmarina, Finalpia and Finalborgo which until 1927 were distinct municipalities.
- FINALBORGO: it is the oldest part as evidenced by the remains of the medieval walls, the overhanging Castello Gavone and the elegant palaces with frescoed facades in pastel shades. Nice to get lost in the alleys and squares where the white-pink "Finale stone" embellishes doors, windows, fountains.
- FINALMARINA: with its sandy coastline, it is rich in historical and artistic features such as the two monumental arches. Between one and the other, alleys and caruggi with characteristic shops and baroque palaces, "guarded" by the Fortress of Castelvecchio of 1365.
- FINALMARINA: where there is the baroque Church of Santa Maria di Pia and the adjacent Benedictine abbey, where honey and by-products have been produced since 1930.
- BORGIO VEREZZI: famous for the caves that offer a path in the bowels of the earth for about 800 meters between concretions and colors of all sorts thanks to the abundant presence of minerals. The trail network is thick with paths that intersect each other: the Nature Trail, the Culture Trail, the geological trail, the Via dei Carri Matti, the Sentiero delle Ramate)
- VARIGOTTI, beautiful with his BAIA DEI SARACENI. Ancient seat of the Roman port, today Varigotti is famous for its square colored houses on one floor that directly overlook the beach and the crystalline sea. From the small historic center you can take an excursion going up, among dry stone walls and olive trees, to the Torre di Punta Crena and the ruins of the Del Carretto castle from which you can enjoy an immense panorama. Punta Crena is part of a natural area characterized by olive groves and 70 botanical species.
- NOLI: in an inlet closed to the east by the island of Bergeggi. Porta di Piazza is the main entrance, then meets the Town Hall with its swallowtail and red brick crenellated tower, the Loggia della Repubblica with the original cobblestone and the 13th century Porta Papona from which you arrive at the Castello di Monte Ursino, dating back to at least the 1000 and characterized by the towering tower and the walls that go up the hill scenographically

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Via Gaiado, n° 18 I - 17020 - Tovo San Giacomo (Savona)

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Villa Gloria Guest House ...

... is in fact in the FINALESE, LA MECCA DELL'OUTDOOR, which preserves a heritage called TERRITORY, made up of villages, caves, beaches, paths, cliffs, people and passion; the legacy of a millennial history.

The environment, combined with the mainly mild climate, make the area a wonderful open-air gym, the ideal place to immerse yourself in a paradise of sport and nature.

From 0m to 1400m, from the sea to the mountain, every cm of the area seems to have been designed specifically for OUTDOOR sports.

3,481 climbing routes
192 cliffs
2,000 km of cycle and pedestrian paths
980 km of singletrack
391 caves
20 km of coastline
3 paragliding take-off areas
2 wave surf spots

12 mountain guides
20 trail builders
50 mtb guides
20 rivets
1 climbing school
12 bike shuttle companies
10 specialized shops
8 specific events

Villa Gloria Guest House ...

... is in fact in the F…
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