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Camping Cabin on Chloe's Lake

SuperšeimininkasSaugerties, New York, Jungtinės Valstijos
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A charming 'Camping Cabin' in the forest on 20+ acres of overlooking a 1 1/2 acre lake. [Some would call it a pond, but it is 10 feet deep with a thermocline] The property is shared with a Sioux Tipi [Not visible from the cabin].

. This is a charming 'Camping Cabin' in the woods on more than 20 acres of woodlands overlooking a 1 and 1/2 acre lake. [Some would call it a pond, but it is 10 feet deep with a thermocline, by definition, a lake - more on that below] This tiny cabin has maximum occupancy of 3 people. There is a queen size mattress in the sleeping loft, and the bench on the first floor has a 6 inch thick foam seat that is the size of a single bed – 80 inches by 27 inches. For 3 adults, the cabin is small. If you are considering more than 2, we have another off the grid cabin also listed on Airbnb that sleeps 4 with 2 queen beds that you may prefer. That one is about 15 miles to the north. At the end of this description is a method to find our other retreats on Airbnb.

This 20 acre property is shared by a Sioux Tipi, [in summer only]. The tipi will occasionally have guests. Guests at the tipi will have access to the well to get drinking water, and the floating dock and canoe is shared with them. They have their own paddles, so they don’t need to disturb you to use the canoe. As the crow flies, the tipi is about 200 feet distant, and not visible from the cabin].
The Cabin is insulated and has heat. There is a sleeping loft with a queen size mattress accessed by a ladder. Chloe's Cabin is 8 feet by 10 feet, and 13 feet high, plus a covered porch. The cabin does not having running water inside. There is a water well [see below]. The cabin is not connected to the electric grid - that's what 'camping cabin' refers to. We have installed a small solar electric system. This provides 12 V DC to operate two lamps and to run the water pump. There is a USB port - enough for charging small electronic devices. There is a lightweight 2 person Kevlar canoe for your use. Lake has lots of fish - bass, sunnies and carp. The forest has lots of wildlife, deer, fox, bear, wild turkeys, owls, etc. For cooking there is a 2 burner Coleman camp stove, and outside, a fire place with a grill. It is an idyllic getaway for those who appreciate nature.

About the area: Saugerties is about 3 miles away, a sweet village with numerous antique shops. The center of Woodstock is less than 10 miles from the property. The equestrian 'HITS' is nearby. This is at the edge of the Catskill Mountains, with fishing, hiking, tubing, and other outdoor activities nearby. In the summer months the lake has watermeal, tiny pinhead size leaves that float on the surface. When it's breezy, the lake surface is clear of it, when it's totally calm the leaves spread out on the lake. When cold weather comes, they're gone. Our favorite times there are October through May. The cold weather makes the water clear, lake-like, in summer, it looks more like a pond.

For the past 25 years, this has been one of our favorite retreats. We began sharing the cabin in summer 2011. We had retired, so owning and maintaining a $400,000. property just to camp a few weekends a year became extravagant. To make it feasible, we decided to ask guests to bring their own sleeping bags and towels [sheets and pillowcases would be okay, it's a queen mattress and there are quilts there], and that they 'leave it as they found it' This has worked well, it seems that guests who are interested in this type of retreat are most always respectful of the property and of the next guest. To date more than 95% of a few hundred guests have left the cabin in good shape and clean. Every month or so we check out the cabin to restock supplies and fix deficiencies, if any. We have at the cabin plates, glasses, utensils, toilet paper, paper towels, candles, a Coleman 2 burner propane stove for cooking, and fuel for it. As it is camping, we ask that you bring sleeping bags, a flashlight, matches, newspaper for lighting the campfire, etc. - what you would for any camping trip. In front of the cabin there's a fire place with a grill. We supply firewood. You may need to split it to size for campfires – there is a splitting maul at the cabin. IN DRY SEASON BE SURE NO COMBUSTIBLES ARE NEAR THE FIRE PIT WHEN YOU MAKE A FIRE, AND DON'T LEAVE AN UNATTENDED FIRE.
Update: A guest who posted a review of our Sioux Tipi in Woodstock, New York introduced us to a word we didn’t know, writing: “Wow. All I can say is that this is THE place for anyone wanting the complete Woodstock experience. . . I really enjoyed the privacy and getting to enjoy the scene without distractions. The tipi isn't the most glamorous experience, but it's glamping to the highest compliment. . . Highly, highly recommended for city folk who want to get in touch with their inner Paul Bunyans.” Looking up “glamping,” we found this definition: 'Going camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. It's like regular camping , but with nicer things than usual, being warmer, and more comfortable. . . Satisfying your craving for the outdoors and your penchant for a good meal, nice glass of wine, and a comfortable bed.' Now “glamorous camping” sounds like an oxymoron, but I suppose it’s possible, e. g: 'Oh Heathcliffe dear, I'm ever so glad we are glamping this weekend. By the way, is the butler done catching our trout?' I post this here, although the review was for the Sioux tipi, as glamping seems an appropriate adjective for our two off the grid cabins.

Following are notes sent to us by guests who spent a week at the cabin in 2014, with information about getting to the cabin if you don't have a car, and about the well: '- For anyone without a car, the bus from NYC to Saugerties is excellent, the Saugerties Stagecoach taxi was only $11 to the cabin. We brought enough food for 7 days in our backpacks, no problem. [Host’s note: If you don't bring all the food you need with you, there' a market one mile away that's shown on the topo map we send] - We drunk the well water - it was perfect. . . [Hosts' note – once in a while, we detect a slight sulfur smell in the water]
Although we thought it was clear in the description, they suggested we reiterate: 1. to get to the bed one must climb a ladder, so if you are not physically fit, it would be hard.
August 2016: A guest sent us a photo of a nice bass caught in the lake, which we posted on the website..
A recent inquiry asked some questions and we copy them and our reply below: 1) Is it safe there? (I mean, are there any strangers and / or any dangerous animals around?) 2) Is the lake swimmable? 3) How far is the lake from the cabin?
Answers: It is safe around here. No dangerous animals. We have seen bears a few times on the property, but they are not dangerous. Lots of wildlife, we have seen over the years wild turkey, great blue heron, geese, green heron, ducks, foxes, deer; until a couple of years ago, there was a resident beaver family, the lake has sunnies and bass. You may see our enormous grass carp, nearly 3 feet, we introduced years ago to eat algae – they are vegetarian, so you can't catch it with bait. It is advisable not to leave food or anything outside that would attract bears. In addition to fishing in the lake, we often see people fishing in the nearby reservoir from the bridge [see the topo map for location]. For fishing off the property you'd need a license. Licenses can be purchased online cheaply for 1 day or 7 days. The cabin is about 75 feet from the lake, on a little hill overlooking it. Is it swimmable? The “swimmabiliy” varies with the time of year. For us it is swimmable, whenever the water is warm enough. We often use flotation devices [little inner tubes or rafts one can buy for a few dollars]. In the fall through spring, up until some time in June or so, it is clear and "lake-like." Sometime starting in June, watermeal grows. Watermeal is a plant like a tiny pin head size leaf. It floats on the surface of the water. When there’s a breeze, it blows to the edge of the lake and the surface is clear of it. If there is no wind, it spreads over the lake. Also, the water gets a greenish tint when the hot weather arrives, not algae or nasty, but more pond like - some people wouldn't choose to swim in it, we do. The lake maintains a thermocline all summer, that is, while the surface water gets warm, the deeper water, a foot or more below the surface, stays cool. Having a thermocline is one of the differences that distinguish a lake from a pond. If a body of water is not deep enough, it cannot keep the thermocline. The photo of the lake on the website was taken in June, when there was no watermeal on it.
While we email a map to each guest after booking and suggest they print it out. Nevertheless we receive an occasional frantic call or text from an arriving guest saying they don’t have the map to find the cabin. So just in case, here are directions from the entrance at 375 Hommelville Road in Saugerties: Wood road goes straight in for 1000 feet, then takes a sharp left turn. Almost immediately after the turn, the road forks. Right fork leads to the Sioux Tipi. To cabin, take left fork. 50 feet beyond the first fork is a second fork, to the right is toward the cabin. In 300 feet the road ends. The lake is to your right, the solar panels and well are to the left, the cabin about 60 feet up a slight hill to the left.
Finally, If you'd like to check out all of our retreats - three of them are off-the grid like this one, here's how: To view all our listings: From any of our listings, click on my photo, then, next page you come to, click my photo again. Then on that page, scroll down and click "view all listings" and you'll come to our eight retreats.

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We had a well for the cabin drilled in 2014. Directions for pumping water: At the well head, there is a "pump house," It's perhaps 2 feet square. Inside there is a timer and an off/on switch. Rotate the timer switch 1/4 turn clockwise and it will stay on for 15 minutes. Then turn switch on to pump water. Also in 2014 we built a floating dock to make access for swimming and canoeing easier.. In June 2017 we added a wooden ladder that makes getting in and out of the water much easier.

The well and the floating dock and shared with guests who stay in the tipi on the other side of the lake. The cabin and the tipi are the only retreats on the 20 acre property.

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As of November 20th, Airbnb has asked hosts to follow certain cleaning protocols due to the virus. Since we don't get to the cabin between each guest, in order to provide what you need, we will have a box, just inside the door that will have 1. Gloves, 2. Spray bottle of surface disinfectant, and 3. Paper towels. That way, you can wipe down any surfaces as appropriate before moving in. If paper towels run out, there are extra supplies in spares cabinet in back of the cabin or in the Tipi Room.

A guest has suggested we caution that getting into the sleeping loft requires climbing a ladder, and, if one is not physically fit, old, or overweight, it could be a problem. I am 72 years old and for me its still easy. Given this is a safety issue, please err on the side of caution -- if in doubt, please do not book this cabin. We request anyone much over 200 pounds not book the cabin because of the loft ladder.
A charming 'Camping Cabin' in the forest on 20+ acres of overlooking a 1 1/2 acre lake. [Some would call it a pond, but it is 10 feet deep with a thermocline] The property is shared with a Sioux Tipi [Not visible from the cabin].

. This is a charming 'Camping Cabin' in the woods on more than 20 acres of woodlands overlooking a 1 and 1/2 acre…
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Saugerties, New York, Jungtinės Valstijos


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Wooster Prep School, Danbury CT Ulster County Community College AA University of Vermont, Burlington Suny New Paltz BA Washington University MSW Suny Albany ABD Clinical Psychology Stage Manager - Opera and Musical Theater Psychotherapist Building Contractor, Woodstock, NY Broker/Owner Century 21 office Woodstock NY Now retired Please Note: Our home [not our Airbnb listings] is in an area with poor cell phone service, so do text both of us if you need to reach us promptly: (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) and (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) Well, "retired" may be a euphemism - With help from my partner, Chloe Dresser, we host 7 retreats in North America. She and I have been collecting cool retreats for the past 3 decades, and now have discovered we can share them and not keep them just for our extended family. Guests seem to appreciate them them as much as we do, and the positive feedback is a big bonus. Chloe still mamges our real estate brokerage, in case you are in the market for a country home in the area Andrew Peck and Chloe Dresser.
Wooster Prep School, Danbury CT Ulster County Community College AA University of Vermont, Burlington Suny New Paltz BA Washington University MSW Suny Albany ABD Clinical Psychology…
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