Nature Retreat with Healing Dogs Brazil, Suite Rió

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Our place is a unique rustic retreat with friendly dogs in Arembepe, Bahia, about an hour drive away from the city of Salvador. Come stay with us, let the Brazilian sun warm your body and our loving dogs warm your heart!
Here, at Bela Natureza we believe in the gentle healing power of nature and animals. We welcome you to stay with us to recharge your batteries, and harmonize with nature and our family of dogs. Our dream is that more and more people come to know this powerful, unique love.

The area of the retreat Bela Natureza is large, and provides guests with countless opportunities to roam around, be at one with nature, collect mangoes, meditate, and even do yoga or light sports.
DOUBLE ROOM-SUITE "Rió": For our guests we offer rental of a newly-restored double room suite with a private terrace, named after a local singing bird Rió ("Curió"). The suite is equipped with modern facilities and internet access, making it suitable for those wishing to engage in creative pursuits such as taking a sabbatical, writing or painting.
Our double suite is located at the ground floor of our main house. It has its own entrance, and a private terrace, where our guests can relax. The room is cozy; and comfortably accommodates 3 people, while it can be suitable for a family with two children as well, or a group of friends (up to 5 people). It is equipped with a double sofa bed, a single bed, a small couch, a coffee table, and two hammocks, which can be unfolded any time. Our room features a spacious private bathroom with a warm shower and a walk-in closet designed and made by local artisans. Wifi is available throughout, and there are plenty of accessible sockets for charging electrical appliances.
For all our guests, we prepare and offer complimentary continental breakfast with tasty regional goodies and tropical fruit. Moreover, in daytime all guests are welcome to use the refreshment area located at the site, and all common areas of the retreat, meditation pavilion or hammocks amongst the mango trees. You will have the use of these spaces for most of the day, however, the holistic center occasionally runs healing courses or eco-workshops at which times some of them will be occupied.
Free parking is available at the property for our guests. Please let us know, if you are arriving by car.
Our guests will have the unique opportunity to interact with our many friendly and healthy dogs. The dogs are a great source of affection, relaxation and healing. They are an integral part of the retreat, and we hope that guests will be happy to spend time with them. We’re sure their doggy bliss will rub off on you!

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Arembepe, Bahia, Brazilija

Our retreat Bela Natureza is situated in a secure condominium inside the small rural community of Coqueiro de Arembepe, rich in lush greenery, flowing with meandering riverside vegetation, and home to wild birds and small monkeys. The atmosphere here is friendly, and the dappled forests surrounding the village are perfect for long relaxing walks to gently unwind. In Coqueiro, less than a five minute walk away, you can find small shops with beverages, fruit and vegetables, fresh bread, eggs, milk, and all basic necessities.
Across the road (about a 35 minute walk and a 15 minute bicycle ride away) is the charming seaside village of Arembepe with a historic background, beaches offering bathing and surfing, and plenty of traditional local cuisine. Around the main square, you can find food stands, hidden bars, supermarkets, pharmacies, gyms, cash machines, tourist shops, and a local church. The more vibrant main beach is surrounded by beautiful reefs which protect the swimmers from the breaking waves and create tranquil natural pools heated by the sun.
Projeto TAMAR is the major marine turtle conservation project in Brazil, spread across several coastal areas of the country. One of branches of the project is located in Arembepe, and is open for visitors on weekends. The main conservation spot and visitor center is located in Praia do Forte, another charming sea village with beautiful beaches, a popular destination for local and international tourists. Praia do Forte, which is about a half-hour drive away, offers a myriad of quaint shops with regional souvenirs and crafts, and many restaurants and cafes with local and international cuisine. Apart from hosting the biggest Projeto TAMAR spot, the village is also home to Projeto Baleia Jubarte, which offers seasonal whale-watching tours.
If you want to get to know the historic city of Salvador da Bahia, it is easy to make a day-trip as it is only an hour drive away from our retreat, except for rush hours in Salvador. It´s easy as well to take a bus. Salvador boasts regional museums, shops, parks, movie theaters, concert halls, open air concerts and performances, and much more. It is the heart of the state of Bahia, one of the most interesting and historically rich states in Brazil, with a very unique culture influenced by African traditions. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and natural landscapes in South America.

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I believe in the healing power of nature and animals. As a child, I grew up on a rural property near São Paulo, with loving and lovable animals and a strong tie to everything green. For a long time I had been carrying and sharing the vision of a harmonious natural space that would provide a deep connection between the natural environment, the Human Being, and his own self. Then it was, some years ago, that I encountered this beautiful place: in Bahia, caressed by the soft sea breeze, shaded by ancient and generous mango trees, sucupiras, and mangaba trees, in the cradle of a magnificent old cashew tree… this is the nature Retreat Bela Natureza, in Coqueiro de Arembepe. And now, my dream is that more and more people become integrated to this powerful, unique love of nature, for the good of all and of our planet. Evelyn Veronica Hartoch Director of Retreat Bela Natureza
I believe in the healing power of nature and animals. As a child, I grew up on a rural property near São Paulo, with loving and lovable animals and a strong tie to everything green…

Viešnagės metu

My name is Evelyn. I was born in Germany and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have degrees in communication, arts, and environmental studies, and have lectured in these areas whilst in both countries. I live in my house at the retreat, and I am on-hand to provide assistance, if required.
I am also a certified tour guide for the state of Bahia, and can give you important tips about the region and its unique culture, including the city of Salvador. Furthermore, if you are interested in history, the environment and the local culture or the afro-brazilian religion ‘Candomblé’, I would be glad to share my knowledge with you, as well as the top places to enjoy local cuisine and the attractions you might like to visit. To know more, please check out my personal guide to Arembepe and Bahia.
My name is Evelyn. I was born in Germany and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have degrees in communication, arts, and environmental studies, and have lectured in these areas whilst…
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