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    Autorius: Airbnb (2021 m. bal. 22 d.)
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    Atnaujinta 2021 m. bal. 28 d.


    • Introducing our updated Review Policy
    • Now you can dispute a review from a guest who had a party in your space

    • Not every review by a guest who violated our party ban can be removed

    Thanks to feedback from our Community Center, Host Leaders groups, and the Host Advisory Board, we’re updating our Review Policy to allow Hosts to dispute reviews left by guests who had a party or large gathering during their stay.

    The past year has been hard on Hosts in many ways—and as COVID-19 regulations on bars, clubs, and pubs led a small number of guests to have parties and large gatherings in your spaces, we announced a global ban on parties. But until now, guests could still leave a review after their stay, even if they disrespected the ban.

    To help protect you and your hosting business, we’re launching this update to our policy ahead of the expected travel revival this year. We want you to feel empowered to follow our Party and Events Policy and report any gatherings immediately, without worrying what your guests might say in a review.

    What does this policy mean for reviews?
    For reviews written from today on, it means that reviews from those who violate the party ban in your space can be disputed and removed, as long as they meet certain criteria.

    What criteria has to be met for a review to be removed?
    If you have proof that a party occurred on your property, and your guest’s review doesn't contain important safety information about your space or their stay or a report of discrimination, the review could be eligible to be removed.

    You'll need to provide documentation or other proof to support the party allegation, such as video evidence or a police report.

    Are there any types of reviews that wouldn’t be eligible for removal?
    If the review contains important safety info for potential guests—for example, if there's a warning about an unsafe incident that occurred in your space—it wouldn’t be eligible for removal. This is to help inform and protect future guests from unsafe conditions.

    We wouldn’t remove a review if it contains any of the following:

    • A report of discrimination
    • A report of a Host’s harmful conduct that violates our safety standards
    • Info about an injury or risk of injury from an unsafe feature on a Host’s property
    • Safety concerns about the neighborhood, or harmful interactions with others around a Host’s property

    If there’s a party in my space, what's the best way to document and report it in case I need to dispute a review?
    The following types of proof will be considered:

    • Recordings (photo, audio, or video) taken during the incident in question
    • Admission from a guest that they had a party
    • Complaints from neighbors, community members, or homeowner’s associations
    • Readings (screenshot or similar) from a noise monitoring device or decibel monitor that verify the noise levels during the stay exceeded the maximum amount allowed for your location
    • A police report about the incident

    Can I dispute an old review and have it removed?
    No. All past reviews are subject to the policies that were in place as of the date those reviews were submitted. Since this policy update launched today, it will only apply to reviews submitted today and in the future.

    Are the written review and star rating both removed?
    Yes. If a review is removed, the star rating will be removed as well, and neither will count toward your Superhost status or average review score.

    Can I dispute a review for a guest violation that’s not party-related?
    Reviews can already be removed for other reasons, like if they violate our Content Policy, don't contain relevant info, exhibit inappropriate bias, or relate to canceled reservations. For this update, we focused on parties in particular, given our party ban and the health and safety risks associated with parties at this time.

    Do similar companies allow guest reviews to be removed if guests violate their party policies?
    Similar companies have not announced a review dispute policy that provides recourse for Hosts if a party occurs. We care about Hosts’ safety and we want to help Hosts grow their businesses, and we’re proud to be leaders in this space by introducing this policy.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


    • Introducing our updated Review Policy
    • Now you can dispute a review from a guest who had a party in your space

    • Not every review by a guest who violated our party ban can be removed

    2021 m. bal. 22 d.
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