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Province of Isernia: čia yra išskirtinių pramogų!

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Visi užsiėmimai netoli vietovės Province of Isernia

Degustando il Molise by "Principe delle Baccanti"
Inizialmente, dopo l’accoglienza in azienda, verrete guidati in cantina, nel museo aziendale della civiltà contadina e in vigna. Successivamente vi faremo accomodare nella sala degustazione dove assaggerete e berrete l’autentico e incontaminato Molise.
The Colosseum & Roman Forum with an Archaeologist
Visiting the Colosseum with an archaeologist who really worked in the area, makes this experience unique! Forget the big groups and the crowd, we privilege only small groups, in order to avoid the long lines and maximize the engagement and pleasure of the experience. Thanks to our team of guides (all archaeologists) and an innovative story-telling method, created with the amazing things we have discovered during our archaeological excavations and studies, we will take a "time machine" together and live one day in the Ancient Rome. We will meet in the archaeological area and will introduce to you our amazing city and its long and fascinating history. We will visit the biggest and most ancient amphiteatre in the world, feeling like the Ancient Romans attending to the gladiator games. We will also jump into the Roman Forum, heart of the ancient city, where every ruin will become alive through our words and through some reconstructions made by the university "La Sapienza", that will show you how the area was in the past. After this historical experience you will look at the city with different eyes, feeling like an Archaeologist wherever you will go around the world! SPECIAL OFFER: With the private experience you will visit the Colosseum in an even more exclusive way. The guide will be completely dedicated to you and we can customize date and time. Write us for more info
Una cena indimenticabile in una cornice da sogno
Sarai immerso in un incantevole scenario, cenerai nel chiostro di una villa del 700, degustando gli antichi sapori del territorio. Farai nuove amicizie e passerai del tempo di qualità in pieno relax. Sito Paradiso Ti offrirà un'esperienza unica in uno scenario incantevole
Monte Cassino Bombing & Battlefield Tour
2020 marks the 76th anniversary of the bombing of Monte Cassino Abbey, the four Battles of Montecassino and the breakthrough to Rome. It will be a great occasion to celebrate peace, liberty and reconciliation here! You have the possibility to experence what happened on the battlefields and why the Allied and the Axis took the awful decision to bomb Monte Cassino abbey and town. I will pick you up at the train station of Cassino and I will start to show you shortly the new town on Cassino, totally rebuilt after the war, then I will show you the Gustav Line from far away, so that you will understand how dangerous this defensive line was for the Allied. We will stop at the Rapido River in Sant'Angelo area, where the 34th Red Bull Division and the 36th Texas Division tried to cross the River and we will pay respect to the 36th Division's monument. We will stop in the town, where the German Headquarter was, and then we will stop again at Castle Hill ( where the Kiwis and the Gurkas tried to attack the Abbey) and at the Belvedere point. I will show you the Liri Valley from the slopes of Montecassino, we will visit the Abbey of Monte Cassino on an WW2 point of view, and then we will pay a visit to the Commonwealth memorial and Cemetery. If you have any particoular requests, or if you want to see a special place, please let me Know! Other things to note The tour will be emotional, and it doesn't involve too much walking. Please remember monasteries dress code. If you need a different day, or a different start time, please send me a private message.
Aperitivo with Monte Cassino History
"Aperitivo with Monte Cassino History" is a "finger food dinner of delicious local products" (in Italy we say "aperi-cena"). A unique experience in which I like to interact in order to exchange and offer historical information, answer any questions and illustrate focal points regarding some sites of the battle of Cassino with a lot of interesting maps and pictures and original information not easy to find in the classic tourist itinerary, wich give very different perspectives of the battlefield. Not only, this is a good opportunity to have a special wine taste of the "Gustav Wine"; this is a bottle of a unique wine of which I invented the label, inspired by the vines I saw growing up walking on the paths of the battle. Now I like to think about these wires of wine and reflect how have replaced the barbed wire that was in the same position in 1944 to completely covered this wonderful hills. I will be also very happy to land you my personal map with some tips and special suggestions to give you more opportunity to move around also by yourself indipendently to have all possibility to visit much more is possible about Cassino battlefields trought the secrets of the Cassinese. Other things to note -) If you don't find your preferred timetable for this experience, please contact me. -) In the Hotel La Pace lobby there is a small museum and many books available for this experience.
Uncover Monte Cassino Battle Trails
"The best way to appreciate history is to walk on the footprints of the men who made it", and to share this quote with you, I will be very enthusiast to give you my personal and unique experience in Cassino, for an half day or a full day. Starting from my hotel, we can start to plan our battlefield hiking after a first approch to some original documents, maps, pictures and videos of the past and then dicide to reach the same location for a real "then and now on the spot". But don't worry if you don't like to walk a lot, I know some "shortcut" to reach all hidden location without any effort. Other things to note - A moderate amount of uneven surface and steep walking is involved; - Not recommended for participants with heart or other serious medical conditions. - Subject to favorable weather conditions.
Peaceful horse trek in the olive groves as seen on tv
A unique horse and pony trek around the beautiful unspoiled hill valleys and olive groves of Casalanguida, in Italy's beautiful wine region Abruzzo. Come and meet the horses and ponies, an interesting mix of breeds including an Exmoor pony from the UK and a French cart horse. Get to know them and their personalities. We can discuss your horse knowledge and riding experience to make sure you're comfortable before we take you out on a led riding trek through the beautiful olive groves and surrounding countryside. The animals here are happy and well loved and live to roam this beautiful part of the world, often accompanied by their doggy friends. They'd love to meet you and share this wonderful place, whether you are an experienced rider or new to these magnificent animals. Other things to note The horses live next to an old style farm house, down a hill lane off of SP42 II, it is a sharp turn off of the main road onto the lane, if you drive down the lane you will see us on the left. I live in the farm house with my father and two dogs. Please call if you need directions en route. As seen on uk TV. A new life in the sun
Home made pasta experience with Simonetta
Vuoi imparare a preparare la pasta fresca  durante la tua vacanza in Molise? Ti proponiamo una bellissima esperienza, ideale per coppie, piccoli gruppi e famiglie anche con bambini, che ti farà riscoprire i sapori della tradizione gastronomica molisana. Preparare la pasta fresca in casa è un arte antica ed a chiunque abbia voglia di cimentarsi in quest'attività creativa, Simonetta propone un'esperienza divertente, in cui imparerai a preparare i formati tipici di pasta fresca molisana in modo totalmente pratico. Ogni partecipante avrà la sua postazione e la sua strumentazione individuale, in modo da poter poi degustare ciò che ha davvero preparato con le sue mani. Guidati dall’esperienza di Simonetta, imparerai gli ingredienti, il loro dosaggio, la lavorazione dell’impasto e le differenti tecniche per dare la forma alle 4 tipologie di pasta fresca più comuni e tipiche, del Molise e dell'Abruzzo: i "cavatelli", gli "spaghetti alla chitarra", le “tagliatelle” e le "tacconelle". Finita la preparazione, i prodotti verranno degustati con un condimento tipico della tradizione locale, utilizzando esclusivamente ingredienti di stagione, con l'abbinamento dell'impareggiabile olio locale e degli ottimi vini Molisani. Segnalaci in anticipo eventuali allergie o intolleranze alimentari o se sei vegano.
Escursioni nel Parco del Taburno-Camposauro
Escursione guidata sulle vette del Taburno-Camposauro 360 gradi di scoperta e avventura ti attendono in queste escursioni alla scoperta del Parco Regionale del Taburno-Camposauro. Un parco ricco di sentieri, dai boschi alle creste, dai pianori alle vallate. Le escursioni sono di difficoltà media, e vengono organizzate ogni week-end ed in alcuni giorni infrasettimanali. Per partecipare è obbligatoria la scarpa da trekking.
Pizza e wine experience Vasto
Verrai a casa mia dove ho un forno professionale per pizza e pane. Faremo un vero e proprio viaggio storico e culinario nel mondo della pizza, partendo dalla origini di dov'è nata la pizza e com'era nel 1800 fino ad arrivare ai giorni nostri. Inoltre vi svelerò tutte le ricette di un vero chef, partendo dalla realizzazione degli impasti fino alle tecniche di cottura. Vi farò vedere il lievito madre e vi spiegherò come usarlo! Poi realizzerò le pizze con voi, vi spiegherò come creare abbinamenti perfetti utilizzando ingredienti rigorosamente di stagione e possibilmente a km 0! Degusteremo pizze di tutti tipi e assaggerete ottimi vini italiani. Il tutto in un clima di tranquillità e spensieratezza. Il tutto avverrà nella mia casa al centro storico di Vasto. finita l'esperienza è possibile fare una passeggiata tra i locali e la storia del mio paese. Altre cose da tenere a mente Sarà un esperienza fantastica, un piacere per il vostro palato. Lasciatevi trasportare nel mondo della pizza da un vero professionista! Seguimi anche su istagram: pizzaewineexperiencevasto
Escursioni nel Parco del Matese
Escursione guidata sulle vette del Matese 360 gradi di scoperta e avventura ti attendono in queste escursioni alla scoperta del Parco Regionale del Matese Un parco ricco di sentieri, dai boschi alle creste, dai pianori alle vallate. Le escursioni sono di difficoltà media, e vengono organizzate ogni week-end ed in alcuni giorni infrasettimanali. Per partecipare è obbligatoria la scarpa da trekking.
Tour della Resistenza Contadina
Proponiamo il Tour della Resistenza Contadina. Arrivo in azienda accoglienza e racconto di chi siamo e cosa facciamo. Escursione tra i campi e le montagne. Degustazione in stalla dell'800 "Stalla Degustazione" con prodotti locali.