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Montana: čia yra išskirtinių pramogų!

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Visi užsiėmimai netoli vietovės Montana

Lower Loop Tour Yellowstone National Park
Our Tour to Yellowstone we make sure you see all the sights in the world's first national park and the second largest national park in the country. Rest assured you won't miss a thing as you sit back and relax in our luxurious high-roof van to take plenty of photos of wildlife, natural wonder and so much more! The best part: our expert, Yellowstone-approved guides will tell you all the historic, ecological and local facts in this environmental education trip!
Goat Farm Visit
We will relax and pet goats in the grass or barn This is a small herd of friendly milk goats. My son and I have raised these goats since they were babies, so they are very friendly and calm! All of the activity will be on my farm near the barn area. The amount of walking or exploring is group dependent. Goats love to eat! They will also impress us with their climbing and curiosity. Many times of year we have baby goats--"kids" that are fun to pet. My son Adam will also be hosting some of the walks.
Blue Flower Trail Ride
Saddle up for a true Western adventure! Perfect for beginners and pros alike, experience the spectacular scenery of Paradise Valley on this guided horseback trek along the Blue Flower Trail. No worries about directions or navigation; simply follow your guide and you can focus on capturing photos of the striking vistas. Each of our members has a passion for the outdoors, animals, and wildlife. They will entertain you with facts about the ranch and the surrounding area. With the majestic Absaroka Mountains as your backdrop, learn about the land’s original inhabitants, the Crow tribe, and the local ecosystem. Be sure to bring your binoculars – and camera! – as you may have the unique opportunity to view some of Montana’s natural inhabitants, including mule deer, golden eagles, fox, elk, and more! It is the Certified Horsemanship Association’s recommendation that the weight of the rider does not exceed 20% of the weight of the horse. We can accommodate a maximum weight of 200 pounds. We ask that you meet at the Lodge 15 minutes prior to the start of the ride so that you can be given safety instructions. Please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. Also bring a water bottle and your sense of adventure! Finally, this trail ride is completely dependent upon weather conditions. In the event that the weather is not suitable for the ride, we will reschedule or refund your tour.
Photo Session in the Bridger Mtns
We will meet at the base of a trail to stunning views for photos of your group. We'll walk along the trail, and get great photos of your group. We'll take in the scenery while I capture professional photos of you and your group with the stunning Bridger Mountains in the background. This experience is perfect for families, couples, friend groups, and solo travelers. Engagement sessions are booked independently of Airbnb, please contact me if you are interested in a private engagement or full family session. Your photos will be delivered online within 3 days of the photo session. This is a unique opportunity to visit areas a little less well known for a stroll and gorgeous views while I create memorable images of you. Other things to note Guests must provide their own transportation. For groups of 2 or less, I may be able to provide transportation, but please message me before booking. I will wear a mask and maintain a safe distance while interacting with and photographing you. This experience will be cancelled or rescheduled for severe rain
Erik's Ranch Property Trail Ride
For a truly authentic western experience, nothing beats touring Erik’s Ranch from atop a horse. From early settlers to John Wayne himself, people have found there’s no better way to see, smell, and experience the Wild West! Enjoy time away from life’s stress as you meander the beautiful grounds of Erik’s Ranch. Our trail rides offer a truly exhilarating experience, as you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside that Montana has to offer. You will also enjoy riding happy, well-cared-for horses that are chosen for their health, beauty, disposition, and friendliness. Trail rides are weather dependent and run during the spring, summer, and fall. The minimum age required to ride is 8 years old. Also, for younger riders, we require them to be at least 4'2 and 60 pounds. Please note it is the Certified Horsemanship Association’s recommendation that the weight of the rider does not exceed 20% of the weight of the horse. The maximum weight is 200 pounds. Please note that if there is a rider with special needs, we will gladly accommodate you with a horseback ride in the safety and quiet of our barn. Finally, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the ride so that you can be given safety instructions.
Chimney Rock Trail Ride
Hop into the saddle, take the reins and traverse the trails of Paradise Valley in true Western fashion atop one of our gentle horses. Follow the lead of our equestrian adventure as we show you to a true hidden gem – Chimney Rock – and enjoy a gold mine of mountain views. Once you arrive, take a break and behold this giant piece of rock that rests at an elevation of 7,650 feet and overlooks three different mountain ranges: the Absaroka, the Bridger and the Gallatin Ranges. As we set out for our return, prepare yourself (and your camera) for another opportunity to soak in the stunning scenery that makes our ranch so special. Some previous horseback riding experience is recommended for guests of the Chimney Rock Trail Ride. By taking this breathtaking journey with us, you not only create lifelong memories for you and your party – you make our mission possible.
Yellowstone National Park Self Driving Audio Tour
Experience the raw power and beauty of nature at Yellowstone National Park. This enormous volcanic caldera has captured the American imagination for decades thanks to its explosive geysers, prismatic hot springs, and astonishing waterfalls. Home to some of the only wild bison and wolves on the continent, this park can’t be missed. This 276 mile-long tour covers the essentials of Yellowstone National Park in 5-6 hours. READ BEFORE BOOKING Purchase only one tour per car. Everyone listens at the same time! Pick any day, time, or group type — it doesn’t matter. You’ll take the tour any way that works for you, regardless of the slot you choose. The duration is entirely up to you. It could take an hour or the whole day. This is NOT an entrance ticket. This is perfect for both holiday travelers and team-building groups. HOW IT WORKS On booking, you’ll get instructions to download my tour guide app. Enter your Airbnb Booking Confirmation Code as the password (enabled within 10min). Complete all steps right away. Don’t wait until you’re onsite (no internet). When onsite, use your GPS to go to the start. Launch the tour. As you follow the tour route, my audio stories will play automatically. It’s as if I’m in the passenger seat!
Discover yourself through a Horse-Assisted Healing Session
Learn about yourself through learning about horses. Work one on one or with your group with Katie Rose and her herd of horses to uncover subconscious fears and negative pathways that are holding you back from what you want in life (even if you don’t know what that is). These Discovery Sessions are a beautiful way to be directly in tune with yourself through the mirroring that horses provide. Dispose of unbeneficial old energy and build yourself up to feel strengthened, courageous, and in tune with your inner truth. Expect two to three hours of discovery, exploration, and ultimate relaxation during your session with horses. This interaction with horses is all on the ground. Most clients leave a session with a profound feeling of relaxation similar to that of just having a massage and with the added bonus of inner knowing! (Please message me if you don't see a date and time that works for you on the existing calendar and I will be happy to try and accommodate)
Snowshoeing at Erik's Ranch
Snowshoeing at Erik’s Ranch gives guests the opportunity to hike through the gorgeous winter wonderland that is Paradise Valley. The beautiful, snow-covered landscapes and sparkling, icy trees will serve as the backdrop for your amazing expedition through the valley. Be sure to bring along a camera to capture the peaceful and idyllic winter scenery. Join us for this incredible, beautiful journey that Erik’s Ranch is offering for the first time during the winter of 2022-2023!
Hike Backcountry in a Remote Montana Canyon
A hike for nature-lovers, the adventurous at heart wanting complete privacy and going off the beaten path. Spend the day, evening, or night** exploring a canyon within the Mission Mountains closed-off to motorised vehicles for over 40-years. Accessible only via our private road and game trails this remote hike is a taste of rugged adventure surrounded by unique magical views. Truly remote and located in an area of Twin Lakes, you’ll peacefully enjoy sounds of nature while learning about wildlife safety, native plants, scat identification, territorial markings, and area history. Bear sightings are a strong possibility due to the hike being in a protected ancient grizzly corridor. You’ll start in our old-growth forested private property with a pond fed by year-round snowmelt attracting deer, elk, bears, bobcats, mountain lions, turtles, etc. Hikes go deep in the Canyon, following a creek then, coming out on top to spectacular views of the Mission Mountain Range taking between 2-4hours and generally 3-5miles. Expect bushwhacking, climbing over downed trees, steep grades on the inclines and declines. Elevation minimum is 3,800 feet while the max is 4,400 feet. This hike is considered light to moderate, experience dependent. Want different hike? Just contact us. **Night hike: for people wanting sureshot wildlife, stars, Milkyway &headlamps (i.e., á la Indiana Jones).
Intro to Horsemanship
Erik's Ranch is expanding its winter horse riding activities! In addition to our current experiences, please join us for indoor horsemanship classes! From novice to advanced riders of all ages, we offer something for everyone. Led by our team of equine professionals, you will have the opportunity to learn everything from basic horse care, grooming, and saddling, to more advanced maneuvering. Each lesson will be tailored to the guest’s experience and abilities.
Winter Guided Meditation with Horses
Our Winter Gathering: This yoga practice becomes a meditation with the horses and is intended to help you connect and grow by tapping in to the awareness of all living and growing things in our environment. With a huge focus on nature, Come Alive Healing Adventures teaches this meditation class outside or in the barn facing the horses. Enjoy taking in all the senses of the outdoors while also marveling with the be-here-now vibe of horses roaming around the space. This is a guided meditation comprising of 30 minutes of sitting and 30 minutes of intentional socializing with the horses. Dress like you are headed to the ski hill! We will perform this meditation outside or in the barn. Sitting mats will be provided. **Private groups are encouraged to ask for a custom date and time or to book out an existing public class** Find our website to learn more by googling Come Alive Healing Adventures.
Guided Yellowstone Tour
Visit Yellowstone National Park on a private tour with an experienced guide. Your guide will know all the ins and outs of Yellowstone, the best hikes, wildlife spots, and what time to visit Old Faithful. On a private tour you will spend your day looking for wildlife such as bison, elk, and bears. And visiting some of Yellowstones most famous features like Old Faithful, Mammoth hot Springs, and Grand Prismatic. We can accommodate you and offer an experience that will last a life time.
Cross-Country Ski on a Groomed Trail Through the Forest
We will cross-country ski through a gorgeous and quiet forest filled with ponderosa pine trees and a creek. We can ski 2-4 miles, depending on your ability and/or desire and stop for hot cocoa along the trail. I am a Certified Master Naturalist and Certified Interpretive Guide with a degree in Wildlife Biology and I can teach you about the interesting flora and fauna of the area too.
Keep Calm and Brush On
Spend an hour in our rustic barn with a guide and one of our beautiful horses in what can best be described as an equine spa day. You will get to groom and pet the horses—then tack one up (place saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses), for a ride in our indoor arena. You can bask in the serene energy of these gentle giants, and in turn they will benefit from kind touch and some extra TLC. Horses are known to mirror their rider’s emotions, which means they can easily establish connection with humans. This hands-on experience is designed to be an hour of immersive collaboration between man and beast. Other things to note: Please note this tour is designed for up to 4 participants, so come alone or bring a friend. When registering please provide rider’s heights and weights, as our horses can hold various sizes. Too tall or heavy? No worries, you can still participate!