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You can always check the status of your payouts in your Transaction History. Click the reservation code to display payout details. 

Pro tip: You can search your transactions by filtering by payout method, listing, or date. To use these filters, you need to log in via Desktop or a browser.

Completed Payouts

Click Completed Payouts to review your payouts that Airbnb has released. Select each payout row to view transaction details, including reservations, adjustments, and cancellation fees.

If your payout was recently sent, keep in mind that the time it takes to receive each payout depends on the payout method you’re using. Expand the payout section for an estimated arrival.

If you have multiple listings with reservations that start on the same day, payouts going to the same method will display in a single row and will be paid out together.

If you owe a guest money for a cancellation or reservation change, you can track it in your Transaction History. Learn more about what an adjustment on your Transaction History means.

Upcoming Payouts

Select Upcoming Payouts to review any upcoming payout dates. If you have a payout still pending, you can use the drop-down menu to change the payout method for that reservation.

Gross earnings

Your gross earnings are the total amount you earn for each reservation, before any service fees, taxes, or other deductions. They're available after you've been paid out for a given reservation. To view your gross earnings, you'll need log in via Desktop or a browser.

Exporting to a spreadsheet

Click Download CSV to download a .csv file of any transactions. The CSV file can be opened by any standard spreadsheet program (like Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, or Apple Numbers). This spreadsheet includes additional information, like Host service fees or cleaning fee (if you charge one). 

Please note that you need to log in via Desktop or a browser to export the data.

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