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    You can edit your account settings, as well as some information on your public profile, from the Account section of your Airbnb account.

    Your account settings allow you to take actions such as changing your password, adding a new payment method or choosing your language and currency preferences.

    Your public profile lets you share who you are with the Airbnb community. You can include a profile photo, your location and a note about your hobbies or interests.

    How it works

    To edit your account settings or profile:

    Account settings

    1. Click your profile picture and select Account
    2. Scroll to the section you want to edit


    1. Click your profile picture and select Account
    2. Click Go to profile
    3. Depending on the change you’d like to make, click either Edit profile or Update photo


    Your Account settings include:

    • Personal info: Provide personal details and how we can reach you
    • Login & security: Update your password and secure your account
    • Payments & payouts: Review payments, payouts, coupons, gift cards, and taxes
    • Notifications: Choose notification preferences and how you want to be contacted
    • Privacy & sharing: Control connected apps, what you share, and who sees it
    • Global preferences: Set your default language, currency, and timezone
    • Travel for work: Add a work email for business trip benefits
    • Professional hosting tools: Get professional tools if you manage several properties
    • Invite friends: Invite a friend and you’ll both save money when you book your next trips


    Your Airbnb profile shows past reviews written about you and allows you to include additional information about yourself. You can edit the following information any time you choose:

    • About: A note about yourself, your hobbies, and interests
    • Location: The town, city, or country where you live
    • Languages I speak: Any languages you’re comfortable communicating in
    • Work: Your job title or company
    • Profile photo: Upload a photo from your computer, or take one with your mobile device or webcam

    Note: Airbnb requires all hosts to have a profile photo. We don’t require guests to have a profile photo, but hosts may have this requirement.

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