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Fantastic spice farm tour with Zanzibar cooking class.
You'll start the day at a local market Darajani in Stone town for ingredients shopping,afterwards head to the spice farms, short walk + learn about the spices, then proceed to a cooking class with experienced local chef. Available for all dietary options i.e Vegans - vegetarians - gluten free etc.

Kas įeina

  • Food
    For any dietary request inform us.
  • Gėrimai
  • Bilietai
    + hotel pick up and drop off within Stone town

Jūsų potyrio organizatorius – Ana, susipažinkite

Naudojasi Airbnb nuo 2017 m.
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Travel expert, passionate about nature, culture, food, and history. I will make sure you have best and memorable experience at a local perspective, for any query don't hesitate to contact me.
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Kiekvieno potyrio kulinarinių tradicijų autentiškumas yra tikrinamas.

Kur būsite

Start at a local market,shop for ingredients, then head to the spice farms ,After a short tour and spice collection head for the cooking class

Įvertinta 4,94 iš 5 remiantis 79 atsiliepimais.

2021 m. spalis
We had an amazing time! The local market and the spice farm, where we bought all our ingredients, were very interesting! The host was super nice and we cooked delicious and authentic food. Would definitely recommend!
2021 m. spalis
The cooking class is divided in 3 parts. First is shopping on the market, second is a spice farm tour and third is cooking. Shopping and cooking was done with Lutfia, and she is just great. She is a perfect host, a perfect cook and it was really fun talking to her and cooking her local dishes. On the other hand, the second part, the spice farm, was not that good. I texted Ana in a pm why we didn't feel comfortable with our guide Abdullah. Unfortunately, for us a very unpleasent situation. We were close to end the whole tour at this point, but we wanted to cook and the information itself were still interesting. In addition to that, on a spice tour I want to learn something about spices, and I don't need somebody to climb a coconut tree (despite we said a few times, that we have seen it a lot and don't want it), and somebody preparing palmtree huts to force us giving tip. That they sell spices at the end is totally ok. Again, 100 % recommendation for cooking with Lutfia. But a high recommendation for Ana to reorganize the spice tour.
2021 m. spalis
Purchasing the food in the market and the cooking portion of the class was fun. Based on other people's reviews - I don't think I had the same host. He was efficient but didn't bring a super lively element to the tour. Perhaps because I booked this as a solo traveler and I was the only one in the class the standard was lowered a bit. I also didn't expect to have to tip for the spice tour portion of the class. Being put on the spot for that really zapped any cash I would have given to the woman who helped the host with the cooking. Overall it was a good experience; I don't regret my afternoon or anything. I would have planned differently if I had known all the tips I needed to give out though.
2021 m. spalis
The cooking class was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it. The food was delicious and we had a lot of fun making it with Lutfia (who was also a great host - following her around the market to get all of our ingredients was also a fun experience). The drive to and from stone town was in a private air conditioned van - very comfortable. The tour of the spice farm was interesting and we learned a lot, but the cooking class should be your reason to do this tour. There were a few parts during the spice tour that felt a little forced and irrelevant just a few folks could get tips (the climbing of the coconut tree and the creation of hats and accessories from palm leaves for us to wear). There are also 2 different shops during the spice tour - 1 for cosmetics and 1 for spices. We wanted to buy some soap and spices so this was no problem for us, but you might feel a bit awkward if you don’t want anything. I would definitely recommend bringing small bills of TSH for these things. Overall though we had a great experience and would definitely recommend. It was the best meal we had in Zanzibar! Thanks Lutfia!
2021 m. rugsėjis
Luftia war eine sehr freundliche, aufgeschlossene Gastgeberin. Sie ging auf unsere Essenswünsche genau ein und fragte immer nach ob wir die einzelnen Zutaten mögen. Sie erklärt unglaublich gut und bietet Einblicke in ihr Privatleben. Die anschließende Gewürztour war Auch sehr schön und wahnsinnig interessant. Dass die Inhaber danach ein paar Sachen verkauft haben ist meiner Meinung nach verständlich und wo bekommt man sonst so gute Zutaten? Wir waren rundum zufrieden und empfehlen die Tour zu 100% weiter!
2021 m. rugsėjis
The cooking class and stone town markets are amazing. Really informative and interesting to spend time if the hosts home. The spice farm tour is also very interesting, although maybe not delivered in the usual touristic style - pretty quirky guides.

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